tractor-trailer accident on the roadway

Tractor-trailers can weigh anywhere from 10,000 to 80,000 pounds and are typically carrying heavy cargo loads of things like gravel, logs, bricks, lumber, or other building products. Therefore, tractor-trailer accidents result in some of the most serious injuries and a large number of deaths. The Federal Care Motor Carrier Safety Administration estimates that approximately half a million tractor-trailer accidents occur each year in the United States. 5,000 people are killed because of these accidents every year.

Rhode Island Tractor-Trailer Accidents

tractor-trailer accidents

The d’Oliveira and Associates website has been updated to include the main causes of injuries in tractor-trailer accidents, and how our RI tractor-trailer accident lawyers handle these accident cases. The accidents are usually caused by tire problems, negligence, use of alcohol and/or drugs (the legal BAC for truck drivers is lower than that for others), abrupt braking or improper maintenance of the vehicle. Large trucks also travel at high speeds, making accidents even more serious. Some trucks are also not inspected or repaired regularly. In all these instances, negligence or fault may be imputed to the driver and their employer.

Tractor-Trailer Accident with loose cargo

In other circumstances, large truck accidents may occur when products fall off of the vehicle. Cargo can become loose and detach from the vehicle causing the driver to lose control of his rig. Nearby motorists are likely to become severely injured if such loss of control occurs. Furthermore, truckers may not be complying with federal safety regulations in the securing of their products and cargo. The failure to distribute properly and adequately secure cargo may serve as grounds for a case against the trucking company and/or the truck driver.

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