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When it comes to workplace injuries, burns are some of the most painful and costly to treat. According to the American Burn Association, burn injuries result in 40,000 hospitalizations each year. While a number of these burn injuries occur at home, workplace burn injuries are very much a preventable source of injury. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration states that hazard prevention and personal protection can dramatically reduce the risk of burn injuries in the workplace, and in turn, RI workers’ compensation lawsuits.

Comprehensive Services for Workers

A recent announcement from the Department of Labor and Industries states that the agency, along with Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, has collaborated to establish a new Center of Excellence for medical care of burns. This new agreement expands workers’ access to a range of specialists who will collaborate throughout the worker’s recovery process. Officials say getting the right care at the right time is crucial for workers who suffer catastrophic burn injuries on the job and access to specialists can help make their recovery process a little easier.

Data shows that nearly 50 percent of adult burn patients don’t return to work two years after injury and 28 percent never return to work. By contrast, a recent study in the Journal of Burn Care & Research showed that 93 percent of workers with work-related burn injuries who were treated at the Harborview burn center returned to work about 24 days after an injury. The dramatically improved outcomes have been attributed to the broad support the worker received from employers as well as workers’ compensation claims staff, and to the specialized and comprehensive care the center provides.

What Are The Most Common Types of Workplace Burn Injuries?

There are a number of serious burn injuries that could occur in the workplace:

  • Thermal burns are injuries caused by heat from liquids (scalding), open flames, hot objects and explosions. These types of burn injuries could be prevented by wearing personal protective equipment and having plans and procedures in place to detect fires.
  • Chemical burns occur when the skin or eyes come into contact with strong acids, alkaloids or other caustic materials that could burn skin or tissue.
  • Electrical burns occur when current travels through the body and meets resistance in tissue resulting in heat burn injuries. These injuries can be prevented by identifying live wires, avoiding contact with water while working with electricity and wearing personal protective equipment.

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