Trucking Accident

One of the most devastating accidents on the highway is an accident where a car is in an accident with a heavy truck – an 18-wheeler or other tractor-trailer. The costs of the accidents can be very high – property damage is usually greater, injuries are more likely to be more severe, and fatalities are also more probable to occur.

All these translate into financial or economic losses, in addition to the pain and suffering experienced by the victim. It is then essential for you to understand some of the things you should consider doing after a trucking accident. Here is a quick guide on some things you might want to do:

  1. Seek Medical Attention
  2. Truck driving in Trucking Accident being treatedHealth and safety always come first. You may want to make sure that everyone in the crash site is all right, and that those who need immediate care are brought to the hospital. If you, yourself, are involved, you should consider going to the hospital even when you do not feel anything that is out of the ordinary.

  3. Get the Contact Details of the Other Party in the Accident
  4. You should consider getting the name, age, contact details, and insurance information of the other party involved.

  5. Contact Your Insurance Company
  6. Your insurance company will want to know that you have had an accident on the road. A brief explanation of what had happened will often be enough to let the insurance company know what they need to know.

  7. Avoid Speaking to the Other Party’s Insurance Company
  8. You may want to avoid giving information to the other party’s insurance company. You may not want to allow the other insurance company to record your statement, and you have a right to refuse to speak to them.

  9. Gather As Much Information As You Can From the Crash Site
  10. Trucking Accident victim taking pictures of the crash areaYou may want to take photographs from the scene and get the contact details of potential witnesses.

  11. Keep Detailed Report and Documentation of Your Expenses
  12. This is a very important step that you should very strongly consider. You will almost always need enough documentation and receipts to back up your claim for the amount of damage you have suffered.

  13. Get Copies of Reports
  14. You may want to secure a copy of the accident report of the police department, and any reports or clearance by the relevant agency.

  15. Consider Contacting a Competent Trucking Accident Lawyer
  16. Trucking Accident LawyerAccidents of this type usually involve large sums of money. A competent trucking accident lawyer knows how to handle the case and what resources will be needed in your particular case. Contacting a trucking accident attorney will save you so much time and effort.

Trucking Accident

Have You Been in a Car Accident Involving a Tractor-Trailer?

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If you or a loved one has been in an accident, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer with experience in handling these types of cases. The trucking accident attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates would like to meet with you and discuss the investigation of your accident. Our law firm has represented and assisted numerous trucking accident victims in bringing lawsuits against other drivers and insurance companies alike, and there are no fees unless we are successful.

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