woman looking at the denied Unum Disability Insurance Claim and needing an UNUM disability insurance lawyer for help

Group (“Unum”), formerly known as Unum Provident, is among the market leaders in disability insurance, group life insurance, long-term care, critical illness insurance, and group life benefits, and handles insurance policies for approximately 17 million Americans. It is said to be the largest disability insurance company in the country, handling nearly 40% of all disability insurance policies in the country.

UNUM Disability Insurance Lawsuits

courtroomLawsuits against Unum have accused the insurance company of unfairly denying countless legitimate insurance claims and terminating benefits in order to boost its profits. According to its own employees, Unum systematically and strategically denied disability insurance claims to thousands of policyholders. The employees alleged that the company sets a claim-denial goal each month, and rewards the adjusters who meet their quota. Former in-house physicians also revealed that they were asked to state that a policyholder was not disabled in order to achieve the company’s goals, regardless of whether the policyholder really is disabled or not. In some cases, the insurance company would even terminate the benefits after the claim had been approved in order to avoid paying the claims.

How Disability Insurance Lawyers Can Help You?

As a result of the company’s past lawsuits, it was ordered to reassess claims that were denied or closed for reasons other than settlement, death or reaching the maximum benefit limit. Since then, lawsuits have also been filed against Unum for fraud and breach of contract. If you have been misrepresented by Unum, you may be entitled to large amounts of compensation from Unum. However, due to the complexity of the cases, you will not be able to receive that money without a competent disability insurance attorney.

A competent disability insurance attorney would know how to present your case in the event that a trial is required to get the compensation that you deserve. They have experience on dealing with the entire procedure of your case, including gathering the required evidence and presenting the required witnesses. Thus, the expertise and knowledge of the disability insurance attorney will help shorten the time you have to wait to get your claim and make sure that you get the compensation that you deserve.