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There are more than 21 million veterans currently living in the United States. Former members of a military branch may qualify for benefits like disability, education, pension, and survivor benefits that are available through the Department of Veterans Affairs. These benefits are especially important to veterans who were injured in combat. In many cases, they suffer disabling conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder, Gulf War syndrome, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), or exposure to toxic substances. In order to receive coverage, a disabled veteran must prove that they are a veteran or active service member with an impending discharge, they suffered a disease or injury during service, they are currently diagnosed with a disease or injury, and there a relationship between the disease or injury and service in the military.

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Veterans who have been denied benefits or who believe that they have received a low disability rating should talk to a personal injury lawyer. An experienced lawyer can help you appeal the decision to deny or limit your benefits. According to an October 3, 2013 article by USA Today, the federal government shutdown has slowed down the already backlogged appeals process. The Department of Veterans Affairs stated that it has enough money to process claims through late October. The good news is that medical care has been exempted. However, many other services offered by the VA, like call centers, have been suspended. Additionally, employees are no longer allowed to work overtime in order to process claims. The article reported that there 725,469 claims pending and that more than 50% of these claims have been pending for more than 125 days (ii). The appeals process can be challenging but a skilled lawyer will be able to help compile the necessary documentation of your disability and increase your chances of success.

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The VA benefits infographic lists common military injuries and provides the qualifications for disability benefits. d’Oliveira & Associates has been practicing injury and disability law in Southeastern New England for more than 35 years. The law firm works with some of the more experienced veterans benefits lawyers, who handle these cases, and there is no legal fee your appeal is successful. To contact the firm call 1-(508) 876-3579 or submit a contact form online.

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