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When discovered that Valsartan contained NDMA, a known carcinogen, in July 2018, recalls have been issued and lawsuits filed against the drugmaker. Now, with over a year since this all came to light, Valsartan lawsuits begin to take shape and some updates have come to the public’s attention.

Valsartan Lawsuit Consolidation

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Due to the similarity of the allegations presented in each matter, Losartan and Irbesartan lawsuits will be consolidated with the pending Valsartan lawsuits. All three (3) of these drugs are known as ARB’s (Angiotensin II receptor blockers) and have similar allegations that NDMA is present and people who used these drugs received a diagnosis of cancer.

The original Motion stated the plaintiffs requested that all ARB’s be included within the consolidation. Drug makers opposed this Motion. The end result was that not all ARB’s would be consolidated, but Losartan and Irbesartan would now be included in Valsartan lawsuits. Soon, bellwether trials will be held for this MDL (multidistrict litigation) to give both sides an idea as to how real jury trials may play out.

Allegations that Recalled Valsartan Pills are not being Preserved

Recent allegations made by plaintiff attorneys’ state that the manufacturer is not preserving the recalled pills. The pills are either spoiling or being destroyed, which ruins valuable evidence. While it was requested by the plaintiffs for the courts to reiterate the obligation of the drug makers with regards to the preservation of the pills, defendants responded by saying they are only following FDA rules and regulations.

The courts have issued a new Order but did not mention the preservation of the pills; only that defendants were required to advise the plaintiffs of any communication with the FDA regarding the pills and recall within seven (7) days of the pills being sent or received. It is expected that this issue will be revisited in a later status conference meeting.

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