car accident victim injured and needing a Warwick car accident settlement

The auto accident attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates recovered $60,000 for their client (name withheld for confidentiality) following negotiations with the insurance company of an opposing driver after that driver’s vehicle lost control and struck the car being operated by the firm’s client.

The woman, who lives in Warwick, RI, was seriously injured when an opposing vehicle lost control and collided with her vehicle. She suffered a head injury, a neck sprain, as well as a bruise to her right knee. She treated with a chiropractor for her neck pain and also had arthroscopic surgery with an orthopedic surgeon to repair torn cartilage in her right knee.

rear-end Warwick car accidentThe injured woman contacted the Warwick office of d’Oliveira & Associates and was represented by the staff attorney there, Laura Cameron. Attorney Cameron compiled all of the necessary paperwork regarding the woman’s medical treatment and other associated losses, and soon after she began negotiating a settlement with the opposing driver’s insurance company. The claim ultimately settled for $60,000. Attorney Cameron stated, after the case was settled, that “this client received an excellent settlement without having to go to court, so she did not have to wait that long to get her settlement.”

Car crashes can cause serious injury and even death. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Data for the year 2011 revealed that in the approximately 5.4 million police-reported motor vehicle accidents, over 2.2 million people were injured (i). Here, the opposing driver lost control of their vehicle and collided with our client as a result.

Car Accident lawyer reviewing the Warwick Car Accident Settlement his clients wonThe Law Offices of d’Oliveira & Associates have been handling injury and disability claims due to automobile and other accidents for over 24 years now. The attorneys there have a wealth of experience handling these types of cases and working with insurance companies to try and achieve the best possible results on behalf of their clients. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a car accident, contact our legal staff for a free consultation of your potential legal claim.

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