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Scientific advancements of car safety features has a long history in the U.S. since the invention of the Ford Model T in 1913. Yet, still the problem persists today with car accidents being one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Sometimes it is best to reflect back on the most eccentric car safety inventions to gain inspiration for the future. Car accidents are serious life changing events that many times result in injuries. If you have been in a car accident, please call an experienced South Kingstown RI car accident lawyer today to see if you may be eligible for compensation.

What are the Top Three Strangest Car Safety Features?

1.  Heartbeat Sensor

heartbeat sensor

Volvo introduced a new heartbeat sensor car safety feature. The heartbeat sensor detects heartbeats in the vehicle, specifically the back seat. As the owner of the car approaches, the vehicle will alert if there is a heartbeat already in the car. This way if someone is hiding in the backseat to kidnap the owner, the car will notify the owner prior so the car owner avoids contact and gets help.

2.  Pedestrian Airbags

Pedestrian in crosswalk about to get hit by a car

A pedestrian being hit by a vehicle can be very dangerous. So many European car companies explored the use of pedestrian airbags to reduce the severity of injuries caused by pedestrian accidents. The pedestrian airbag immediately deploys when it feels pressure on the bumper tube and the car is moving at least 15 MPH. The airbag deploys outside of the front windshield so that the pedestrian will hit the airbag rather than the window and hopefully lessen the impact and severity of injuries.

3.  Hit and Run Discs

During the 1930’s, an inventor focused on the problem still prevalent today of hit and run drivers. In order to increase identification of hit and run drivers, they created hit and run discs. Essentially, when a car hits a pedestrian it will eject out a bunch of discs with the name of the owner of the car and the license plate number, so that the injured pedestrian can find the person responsible. It was a great idea until hit and run drivers realized they can get off by not refilling the discs.

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