A man holding his neck in pain after a car accident.

All too often, we receive phone calls from car accident victims who were stopped at a red light or stop sign and someone rear-ends them. The most common non-fatal injury associated with rear-end car accidents is whiplash. Of the nearly 4 million rear-end car accidents that occur within the U.S. annually, 85% of neck injuries result in whiplash.

What is Whiplash?

Whiplash is a soft tissue injury that occurs when there is a sudden jerking or “whipping” of the head. This action strains the ligaments and muscles in the neck. In mild cases, you could be in pain for a few days. With more severe cases, you may experience more persistent pain and have the range of motion limited for your head. Whiplash symptoms usually show signs within 24 hours of the injury occurring, although it is not unheard of for pain and symptoms to take days before manifesting.

How can I Avoid Whiplash in a Car Accident?

A man buckling his seat belt.

Having your seatbelt properly fastened can help prevent whiplash. This will keep your body from jolting too much in the event of a car accident. If at all possible, only drive in a vehicle that is equipped with airbags, as this also prevents the body from moving violently.

If a car accident is unavoidable, such as in a rear-end car accident, there are a few things you can do to better prepare for the impact. If time allows before the impact, do the following:

  • Look straight, so your neck is not turned at the time of impact.
  • Lean back in your seat and put your head on the headrest.
  • Grip the steering wheel with the arms extended straight out.
  • If your vehicle is not in the park position, keep foot on the brake.

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