Injuries that occur at the workplace can be very problematic for all parties involved. Injuries cause emotional and physical pain, along with financial problems. If an injury occurs at the workplace and the employee can no longer work, workers’ compensation is provided.

Worker Falling Off Ladder who will need RI workers’ compensation benefits after injury

Workers’ Compensation Explained

Workers’ compensation is essentially a type of insurance that is provided to workers to protect them from legal liability if an accident in the workplace occurs.

The Workers’ Compensation Process

employee needing Workers’ Compensation AttorneysWhen an injury occurs in the workplace, the company’s insurance provider is responsible for compensating the employee for his or her injury. However, in order to get compensation, the injury has to meet two conditions:

  1. The injury occurred in the workplace
  2. The injury is related to the type of work the worker performs on a daily basis

Workers’ Compensation Attorneys settlementAn injured employee is usually offered various compensation benefits that help pay for the costs of healing the injury along with disability payments. If an injured worker agrees to the compensation that is being provided, they are legally required to sign an agreement with the employer that clearly states that the worker cannot sue the employer for any negligence.

Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Workers’ Compensation AttorneysWhen an injured employee is unable to get the compensation or the compensation benefits that they want, they hire a workers’ compensation attorney. The attorneys help workers get the compensation they deserve from the employer and the employer’s insurance company. They can even take the matter to court if the employer refuses to cooperate. These attorneys provide guidance and counseling on what the injured worker should do to get compensated accordingly. Workers’ compensation law has enabled many injured workers to get the compensation and relief that they rightly deserve.