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Have You Suffered a Workplace Injury?
Learn What Basic Workers’ Compensation Benefits You May Be Entitled!

    • LOST WAGES: Lost earnings benefits will compensate you for 75% of your average weekly wage.
    • woman looking at medical billsMEDICAL BILLS: Medical benefits will usually include any hospital and other medical expenses that are necessary to identify and treat your injury or illness. Generally this covers things like; doctor visits, prescriptions/medications, and surgeries. You could also be compensated for any necessary equipment, like a wheelchair or other necessary vehicle, to help you deal with your injury.
    • DEPENDENCY BENEFITS: In some cases, the injured employees’ dependents may qualify for benefits. These payments are known as dependency allowance benefits. They are payments of $15.00 per dependent per week for a totally disabled employee, and $40 per dependent per week for death benefits. However, there are no dependency allowance benefits in cases where the employee is considered partially disabled.
    • LUMP SUM SETTLEMENT: There are two main types of settlements that you could receive: lump-sum and structured settlements. When you agree to a lump-sum settlement, you will be giving up certain rights in exchange for a one-time, lump-sum payment from your employer or their insurance company. When you agree to a structured settlement, you will be receiving smaller payments over a period of time. Read More.
    • survivor benefitsSURVIVOR’S BENEFITS: Survivors of workers killed at work may receive death benefits. These benefits are determined based on the deceased worker’s weekly salary and an annual cost-of-living allowance. A surviving spouse would receive this benefit, and if the worker had dependent children, each child would be able to receive a specified amount in weekly payments.If the worker’s spouse remarries, their death benefit would be discontinued and split equally among the worker’s dependent children. In instances where the spouse remarries and there are no dependent children, the death benefit is discontinued altogether.
    • VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION: An injured employee will usually obtain vocational rehabilitation if they have an injury that is disabling and stops them from returning to their job. This type of training typically includes things like; resume development, training classes, and certification. Read More.
    • missing-eyeLOSS OF FUNCTION OF A BODY PART: Money for loss of use or function of a body part is generally decided by a doctor’s medical report. For example, if someone had a serious arm injury and did not fully recover, then they would be entitled to money for the percentage loss of use of their arm.
  • PERMANENT SCARRING: This is determined by guidelines mentioned in the workers’ compensation act. The amount you will get will depend on where the scar is located and how serious the scarring is. For example, a scar on someone’s face would be worth more than on their lower back.

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