Young Men Distracted While Driving

A new study has found that young men are more likely to be distracted while driving than young women. An NPR news report states, that while almost anyone can get distracted behind the wheel, some are more prone to do so than others. This study, published by a researcher at Norway’s Institute of Transport Economics, sheds some light on one of the leading causes of Rhode Island car accident lawsuits.

What Did the Study Find?

The study examines the driving habits and personalities of hundreds of high school students and young adults. Some admitted that distracted driving was an issue for them. The study uncovered a few patterns about who was more likely to be distracted behind the wheel. It found that young men were not only the most prone to being distracted by phones, but also by other activities such as people talking in the car or fiddling with radio controls.

Victim of distracted driving

The study delved into the psychology of these drivers, finding that those who were the most distracted were frequent drivers who had neurotic and extroverted personalities. Researchers also found that those who felt that distracted driving was socially acceptable or didn’t feel they could control distractions were more likely to report distracted driving. Older women who felt they could get a handle on their behaviors were least likely to drive while distracted, the study found.

What Is The Solution To This Problem?

The study’s authors suggest interventions such as giving drivers a quiz of sorts that gets them thinking about distracted driving. This study is the first of its kind to look at the links between intentions and behavior when it comes to distracted driving. It also adds to emerging data on the impact of personalities and gender.

Distracted Driving is a Global Problem

Distracted Driving in the form of eating while drivingWorldwide, distracted driving accounts for at least 12 percent of traffic accidents, and in the United States, that number is 14 percent. Just a few seconds of inattention can result in devastating crashes that result in major injuries or even fatalities. While cell phones and electronic devices are frequently culprits in distracted driving crashes, it’s not the only reason.

Eating, drinking, talking to passengers, grooming, bending down to pick up a fallen object, fiddling with radio and GPS controls – are all common distractions when we drive. To date, 15 states in the U.S. have bans on handheld phones while driving and 47 have texting bans. And yet, we still see an increase in distracted driving crashes because these laws can be tough to enforce. Some states such as New York are looking at arming law enforcement officers with Textalyzers, which are basically like “Breathalyzers” for texting drivers. But this product has been mired in controversy due to privacy issues.

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