cracked windshieldEvents of Takata airbag lawsuits have been in the news for over a year now. Millions of recalls have been issued, U.S. authorities have gotten involved and major car manufacturers have stopped installing Takata airbags in their vehicles. After all of this time and investigation, are the efforts to prevent injuries from Takata airbags working? For some, the answer is no. Take for example a young woman in Utah who was recently severely injured when the Takata airbag in her 2003 Honda Civic deployed during an accident. She has filed a lawsuit against Takata alleging serious, permanent, life scarring and personal injuries as a result of her airbag deploying.

How Did The Takata Airbag Allegedly Cause Injury?

Takata Airbag

The 25 year old woman was a driver involved in an automobile accident while on a highway. When her airbag deployed, a metal fragment from the airbag came at her and tore her throat open. This fragment not only cut her throat, but then lodged deeply into her neck. It was not located until she was taken to the hospital where doctors eventually surgically removed it. The doctors informed her that the metal fragment was millimeters away from cutting a major artery which could have resulted in death. As a result of the airbag, the woman was on intensive care for several days in a half conscious state, on a respirator and terrified. She currently cannot speak and is reminded of the ordeal every day from the visible scars on her neck. Had she known she had a defective airbag, she might have walked away from the accident.

Was The Woman Ever Notified Of The Airbag Recall?

Takata AirbagThe woman purchased the vehicle used and owned it for approximately six months prior to the accident. She did not receive any official notification of the airbag recall. Furthermore, the previous owner took the car to a Honda dealership for an inspection right before selling the car to the woman. The dealership failed check internal notice directives and the airbag was not replaced. It is shocking that even the Honda dealership missed the defective airbag when the car was specifically sent there to be inspected during a widely known recall. The fact that that the woman did not receive a recall notification and that the dealership failed to replace the airbag reflects that recall efforts are not always effectively executed.

Speak With a Takata Airbag Lawyer

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