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The Rhode Island attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates want you to know about pedestrian rights. Walking is one of the most common forms of exercise. However, pedestrians are constantly exposed to risks associated with the use of the road. While both the driver and the pedestrian have the responsibility to prevent road accidents and improve road safety, pedestrians are given certain rights when it comes to the usage of the roads because of the greater risk and the lesser protection they are exposed to compared to drivers.

pedestrian crossing street signAll states have laws that protect these rights. These, as well as the pedestrian’s duties, can determine whether a pedestrian was contributorily negligent and whether he or she is entitled to compensation. A pedestrian’s actions can determine his or her right to an amount of claim.

Car crash at pedestrian crossingIn 2010, there were 4,280 lives that were lost due to pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes, which is equivalent to nearly 12 people every year. Though this figure fell from 1995, in where there were 5,585 pedestrian deaths, there were estimated 70,000 reported pedestrian injuries in 2010. Although pedestrian injuries have also been on a downward trend, we know that the police only reports a fraction of pedestrian crashes that caused injuries.

Do you know your rights as a pedestrian?

pedestrian crossing the streetThe rights could differ depending on the statute passed in a state. In general, a pedestrian has the right to travel anywhere that belongs to the public, except where restrictions are placed, such as private property and where there are no trespass signs. The pedestrian also has the right to cross streets at marked crosswalks.

At these designated points, motorists have the duty to stop and wait for a pedestrian to cross the street. A pedestrian also has the right of way on sidewalks, and vehicles must not go on these areas. Vehicles should also exercise due care to avoid colliding with pedestrians.

Distracted Pedestrian

If you or a loved one has been injured from a pedestrian or traffic accident, you have the right to seek compensation. You need to consult with a Pedestrian or Traffic lawyers to know the laws in your State, your rights, and your entitlement to compensation.

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