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Since September of 2019, when a petition was filed to have Zantac recall its products for allegedly containing a cancer-causing substance, Zantac lawyers have filed lawsuits to help consumers of this drug get the justice they deserve. With about 45 cases filed, and thousands more expected nationwide, Zantac lawyers set their sights on January 2020.

Zantac Lawsuits Could Join an MDL

Oral hearings are scheduled for late January 2020 to decide if the current cases filed will establish a multi-district litigation or MDL. A motion outlined in November of 2019 called for the litigation to be centralized into a federal MDL. Within the same month, several manufacturers concurred that the cases should be consolidated. This way, the evidence being presented will not get duplicated and one ruling will not contradict others. It will now be up to a judge to decide if this motion will be granted.

What Will Happen if an MDL is Established?

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If these Zantac lawsuits become consolidated into an MDL, the judge who is assigned will more than likely preside over “bellwether trials”. In bellwether trials, a selection of the cases filed will be chosen to act in a mock trial. Evidence will be presented and testimony will be heard just as if this was a real trial. The verdicts given and the reactions to evidence will provide an idea to both sides on how things may or may not play out in a real trial, thereby offering valuable insight on whether or not to continue with litigation or to settle.

Zantac Esophageal Cancer Lawsuit Filed

On January 3, 2020, a lawsuit was filed in The United States District Court of New Jersey, stating that after taking one (1) tablet of Zantac per day for several years, she developed esophageal cancer. The lawsuit alleges product liability, design defect and failure to warn, battery and fraud by omission. This lawsuit joins others with similar allegations.

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