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A d’Oliveira & Associates disability attorney recently recovered an award for a Seekonk client (name withheld due to confidentiality concerns) during his appeal for benefits before an administrative law judge. The client had first applied for benefits back in December of 2010 and was then denied by the Administration in June of 2011. According to the complaint, the client became disabled in 2009, having suffered primarily from a severe hip injury, but also osteoarthritis and high blood pressure. The client had several hospital visits to both doctors and orthopedic specialists to find out about the hip injury as well as have a consultation for surgery. To manage pain, the client relies on his daily pain management regimen during which he takes prescribed pain relievers multiple times throughout the day. Not knowing where to turn after being denied Social Security Disability benefits once, the client hired disability attorney Cara Gallucci of d’Oliveira & Associates.

ssd cardWith the help of Attorney Gallucci’s legal representation, the client was ultimately found eligible for benefits after a hearing before an administrative law judge. Attorney Gallucci’s experience in handling SSD cases ultimately helped this man win a Social Security Disability award of over $78,000. She stated, “I am very pleased that we were able to obtain a favorable award for this client. He was a professional, with a very large annual income, and had a significant loss once he was unable to work. Not only did we recover back benefits for him of over $78,000, but also approximately $18,000 in back benefits for each of his minor children.”

Hip injuries may qualify as a disability under Administration standards (i). A hip injury characterized by chronic joint pain and stiffness with signs of limitation of motion or other abnormal motion can be deemed a disability of the affected individual. If you are disabled and unable to work, you may be wondering whether you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits. An application can be hard to put together, and rejection by the Administration can be even more discouraging. If you have been denied Social Security Disability benefits, a qualified attorney may be able to assist you with your appeal or at a hearing if necessary. Disability lawyers know that the Administration routinely denies benefits to applicants who may actually be found to be qualified candidates at a later date. You should speak with an experienced disability attorney if you have been denied by the Administration, but feel you may be entitled to compensation nonetheless.

Past-Due SSD lawyerIf you or a loved one is disabled and unable to work, the disability attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates are available to help you get the benefits you are entitled to. The firm has offices located throughout both Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts, and the injury and disability attorneys at d’Oliveira & Associates stand ready to represent you with your potential injury or disability claim.

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Attorney Paul d’Oliveira has been practicing personal injury and disability law for over 30 years. He started his personal injury law practice in 1989 with two offices in Fall River, MA and East Providence, RI. Today his firm has 16 offices in RI and Southeastern, MA.

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