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Ovarian Cancer Diagnosis

If you have a diagnosis of ovarian cancer (after 1982) and it is ultimately determined that the cause was from talcum powder use, you may be owed financial compensation. F.Y.I. 1982 was the year of a reported study that put Johnson & Johnson on notice to warn the public of the risk of ovarian cancer when using talc in the genital area.

In Recent News

talcum powderTalcum powder is now in the news more than ever. Even though there are numerous studies (dating back to 1971) showing the link between talc and ovarian cancer in women – it's what happened this past February that brought talc into the forefront of the news.

In February 2016, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $72 million to a family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer after the family argued the death was linked to her use of baby powder. With many more cases regarding talcum powder beginning to accumulate, questions about safety are continuously cropping up.

woman being given her ovarian cancer diagnosis by doctor

First — Speak With Your Doctor

The most important thing that you can do… Speak with your doctor and ask the right questions.

Questions to Ask Your Doctor if You Have a Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer

  1. Have you looked at my biopsies and tests to see if there are any talc fibers embedded in my ovarian tissue?
  2. Should I have my ovarian tissue tested to see if there are talc fibers embedded?

Questions to Ask Your Doctor if You Use (or have used) Talcum Powder and Want to Know if You Are At Risk?

  1. Should I have my ovarian tissue tested to see if there are talc fibers embedded?
  2. If there are talc fibers embedded in my ovarian tissue should I be worried and what are my options?

Speak With a Lawyer

Ovarian Cancer and Talcum Powder lawyerOnce you have spoken with your physician and reviewed your options, it may be time to speak with a lawyer to learn if you are eligible for compensation for medical bills and more.

  1. Contact:
  2. Contact d'Oliveira & Associates either online or toll free 800-992-6878.

  3. Review & Decision
  4. We will review the circumstances surrounding your talcum powder/ovarian cancer complications/injury and determine whether it is possible to move forward with a claim. We are working with experience talcum powder lawyers who are litigating these cases throughout the country. During this process, you will have the opportunity to have all questions answered and will be able to make an informed decision before deciding to hire d'Oliveira & Associates as part of your legal team.

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