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If you were in a motorcycle accident in Providence, RI, and you suffered an injury, you might be eligible to receive a settlement to compensate you for your medical bills, disfigurement, lost wages, pain, and suffering, and other losses. We do not charge any fees until you receive a settlement for your injuries. Our experienced Providence motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to take your call and help you get the most compensation your case deserves. Call us any time at (401) 831-8600 or fill out our online contact form for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

What Is My Providence Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

Many factors can affect how much your motorcycle accident case is worth. Our experienced Providence personal injury attorneys can evaluate your case and determine what compensation you might be entitled to receive. Some examples of losses that you could receive compensation for include:

  • Medical bills and future medical care
  • Lost income (past and present)
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement and scarring
  • Mental anguish

The best way to get an accurate estimate of how much your motorcycle crash case might be worth is to contact a skilled RI motorcycle accident lawyer. However, below you can see some examples of other Providence motorcycle accident cases that we have settled for our RI clients.

Providence Motorcycle Accident Case Results

Each of our Providence motorcycle accident lawyers has at least 20 years of experience getting high settlements for our RI clients. Altogether, our law firm has recovered approximately $250 million* in settlements for our clients over the past 30 years. Here, you can see real examples of the awards that our Providence clients have received for their motorcycle accident claims.

*This figure includes settlements, lump-sum payments, workers’ compensation benefits, social security benefits, and awards from cases that our firm handled jointly with outside counsel.

Awards Case Facts
$450,000 Our client was riding his motorcycle when a car struck him, resulting in a fractured shoulder, bruised ribs, injuries to the hands, and facial contusions.
$388,000 Our client was riding his motorcycle when he was involved in an accident that resulted in multiple broken bones, road burn, and other abrasions.
$300,000 Our client was riding his motorcycle when a vehicle struck him, causing several fractures.
$100,000 Our client was riding his motorcycle when a car rear-ended him. The rider suffered a concussion and injuries to his lower body.

Disfigurement From Motorcycle Accidents

Because motorcycle riders are much more exposed than automobile drivers, they are likely to suffer scarring and disfigurement if they are involved in an accident. Types of disfigurement can include scars from road rash and serious abrasions; severe facial injuries, such as loss of the nose or jaw; and even amputation. These injuries are also likely to cause mental anguish, depression, and other emotional trauma that may require extensive counseling. If you suffered disfigurement due to a Providence motorcycle accident, you might be entitled to a settlement to compensate you for your losses and suffering.

Mandatory Motorcycle Insurance Coverage In RI

In Rhode Island, motorcycle owners must carry a minimum of $25,000/$50,000 in insurance coverage. Thus, if you were injured in a motorcycle crash in RI, you will have at least $25,000 in liability coverage available from the negligent driver’s insurance company. Additionally, many motorcycle owners purchase $25,000/$50,000 of underinsurance coverage to compensate them if the negligent driver does not have enough insurance to cover their claims. Practically speaking, many drivers prefer to purchase more than the minimum required insurance coverage. Our attorneys can advise you on the different coverage types available and determine what is right for you.

RI Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Motorcycle riders are much more vulnerable than automobile drivers while on the road, especially in a crash. Nationally, motorcyclists are approximately 28 times more likely than a person in a car to be killed in an accident. Although motorcycles represent only 3% of the registered vehicles in Rhode Island, 14% of all traffic-related deaths involve a motorcyclist. Nearly all motorcycle accidents occur because of another negligent driver and not because of the rider. The chart* below illustrates the most common actions riders take before an accident occurs. Notably, a vast majority of crashes happen when a biker is riding straight down the road, and rider mistakes cause very few collisions.

Rider Actions Before a Motorcycle Crash pie chart.
*Data from www.michigantrafficcrashfacts.org (2018).

Why Motorcycle Accident Cases Are Hard To Prove

Claims arising from motorcycle accidents can be hard to prove because there is commonly an issue of who is at fault. The other motorist involved in the accident will often say that they did not see the motorcyclist. Accordingly, the insurance company will deny the claim or offer an insufficient settlement amount. The insurance company’s primary goal is to settle the case for the lowest amount possible to preserve their profits. This is why you should speak with an experienced Providence motorcycle accident lawyer: we know how to negotiate with insurance companies and can help you get the highest settlement you deserve for your injuries.

Do I Need An Attorney To File A Lawsuit Or Settle My Case?

If you were injured in a motorcycle crash, you need a Providence motorcycle accident lawyer to file your lawsuit. Your lawyer will file a complaint with the court that explains what happened, asserts your negligence claims, and requests damages to compensate you for your injuries. If you try to file the complaint without a lawyer and make an error, the judge may dismiss your case.

Luckily, we can settle many cases without ever filing a lawsuit. If the insurance company denies liability or refuses to pay you a fair settlement, then we will file a lawsuit, and our attorneys will attend mediation to negotiate with the insurance company. Mediation usually results in a successful settlement negotiation. However, if we cannot reach an agreement with the insurance company, the case will go to trial.

At trial, our experienced Providence personal injury lawyers will call expert witnesses to prove that the crash was the other driver’s fault and the value and extent of your injuries. We cover all of the up-front costs associated with investigating your case and hiring experts, and we do not charge you any fees until you receive a settlement.

What Makes A Good Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Perhaps the most important key to working with your motorcycle accident lawyer is to act immediately. As time passes, physical evidence can be destroyed or disappear and witnesses’ memories become distorted and faded. Also, there are time limits with which you may file a case, called the statute of limitations. In RI the statute of limitations is three (3) years from the date of injury in most cases.

What Is The Legal Fee?

Our legal fee is the industry standard: ⅓ of your settlement award. We cover any up-front costs associated with your case and only charge you a fee if we obtain a settlement for you.

Why Hire Us?

We specialize in personal injury cases and have successfully settled thousands of claims over the last 30 years. Each of our Providence motorcycle accident lawyers has at least 20 years of experience helping RI accident victims get compensation for their injuries. We are familiar with the complexities of motorcycle accident claims and know how to get the best settlement possible for your losses. We do not charge any fees until you get a settlement. Call us toll-free at (401) 831-8600 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation with no obligation.