Bipolar disorder is a an emotional disorder that involves a severe mood disturbance. This disease was previously known as manic-depressive disorder in which the person experiences periods of extreme happiness that are closely followed by extreme depressive states. This disease is classified by “mood swings” which are rapid changes in periods of extreme happiness followed by periods of extreme sadness and depression.

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The cause of bipolar disorder is unknown but may be connected to genetics. A person who has a relative with bipolar disorder is more likely to have the disease as well. The two phases of bipolar disorder are:

  • Mania: Those people who are suffering from the mania phase of bipolar disorder are generally easily distracted, have minimal need for sleep, exercise poor judgment and temper control, lack self-control, have a very elevated frame of mind, have racing thoughts and excess energy, among other things. This phase can last from a few days to a few months depending on the type of bipolar disorder.
  • Depression: This phase of bipolar disorder involves low/depressed moods, trouble with concentration or memory, problems making decisions, over/under eating, minimal energy or desire to do anything, loss of interest in enjoyed daily activities, low self esteem, sleeping too much or inability to sleep, feelings of worthlessness or guilt and at times thoughts of death or suicide.

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A man in distress.In any of these phases of bipolar disorder, an abuse of drugs or alcohol is dangerous and also highly likely. Talk about suicide in those with bipolar disorder is something to be watched for and not taken lightly. Also, there is no cure for bipolar disorder and the treatment for it is just symptom recognition and management. Given the seriousness of this disease, it is incredibly difficult for those suffering from mania or depressive phases to function at work. Depending on the severity of the disease, Social Security Disability might be able to be collected. If you or a loved one have bipolar disorder and your doctor told you that you should not return to work, you want to contact an experienced RI Social Security Disability lawyer right away. Documentation and medical records are very important when the Social Security Administration evaluates your claim and having a lawyer familiar with the process is important.

Nearly 75 percent of first time applicants for Social Security Disability are rejected. They are rejected not because they do not have a qualifying disability that is worthy of compensation from the Social Security Administration, but rather because they were unfamiliar with the process and did not know what the Social Security Administration was looking for. When that person is also having trouble with bipolar disorder and transitioning between manic and depressive phases, it makes applying for Social Security Disability very discouraging.

An experienced RI Social Security Disability lawyer can help you to make important personal decisions and to ease the stress of filing for Social Security Disability. The Social Security Administration looks for detailed medical records, the opinions of physicians and the symptoms experienced when making their final decisions. A knowledgable RI Social Security Disability attorney can help you ensure that your medical records accurately reflect your disability and symptoms and that the Social Security Administration is aware of the extent of your disability.

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