In addition to receiving workers’ compensation benefits, you may be able to file a third party claim if someone else, other than your employer, caused your workplace injury. If this is the case, you may have a separate claim against this third party who shared fault for your injury.

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Furthermore, general workers’ compensation benefits will not pay you for pain and suffering. However, a third party claim is a way to be compensated for pain and suffering. Alongside your workers’ compensation claim, you may pursue a third party negligence claim against anyone (other than your employer) who caused your injury.

Have You Been Injured Due to Another Person’s Negligence?
You May Have a Workers’ Compensation Third Party Claim.

Common Third Party Claims Include:

sub-contractor on a construction site that is negligent of other worker safety

  • Car Accident: If you were hurt during the course of employment in a car accident, you could file a claim against the driver and owner of the car that caused the accident. Employees are injured in car accidents when they are struck by other drivers, drive defective company vehicles or drive vehicles that are overloaded.
  • Construction Site: If you work at a construction site and are injured, you could have a claim against the general contractor or a sub-contractor for that particular project.
  • Defective Machine: If you were hurt while at work by a defective machine, you could have a claim against the designer, manufacturer or even seller of the machine.
  • Slip and Falls: If you were injured from a slip and fall at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits. In addition, you may be able to file a third party claim if your injury was caused by someone else.
  • Unsafe Condition: If you were injured due to an unsafe condition on someone’s property, you may have a claim against the owner of the property or the company responsible for the maintenance of the property.

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RI Workers Compensation Lawyer meeting with couple that have a third party claimIf you feel your injury was caused by a third party, you should speak with an experienced RI and MA workers’ compensation lawyer to see if you have a case. In most instances, third party settlements also pay for pain and suffering, mental anguish and in some cases a spouse or child would also be entitled to receive money if their lives have been seriously impacted by their spouse or parent’s injuries. It is important to evaluate work injuries to decide if a third party claim could exists. Call us today or fill out a contact form for a free (no obligation) case evaluation.