Class Action over Defective Autopilot

Tesla has agreed to set up a $5 million dollar fund to settle claims that its Enhanced Autopilot system is defective and dangerous. Owners of Tesla vehicles filed a class action against the California auto maker alleging that the autopilot function in the cars did not work at all or was dangerous to use. Customers have been complaining about the function in large numbers, and the Tesla autopilot function has come under fire after three Tesla drivers were killed in car crashes while Enhanced Autopilot was turned on in their vehicles. The car company says that it will compensate Tesla owners who leased or purchased cars with Enhanced Autopilot between October 2016 and September 2017 between $20.00 and $280.00. The settlement is currently awaiting approval by U.S. District Judge Beth Labson Freeman. Other self-driving options in cars have called into question how safe this new technology is and whether it could lead to Rhode Island car accident lawsuits.

What is the Tesla Enhanced Autopilot?

Defective Tesla Autopilot

Tesla is among one of the many car companies adding self-driving features to its cars. These features allow drivers the option to put the car into an “auto mode” or autopilot, which essentially allows the car to take control of the wheel. When these options are turned on, the car can drive, park, and brake on its own. Tesla recently added an additional option called Enhanced Autopilot in many of its cars that have these self-driving options. The new technology gives the car a greater amount of control over driving including matching speed to driving conditions, the ability to navigate more complex roads, and the ability to be summoned from the garage. This additional feature was advertised as an effective way to increase safety on the roads by reducing human error. However, many unhappy customers have come forward and complained that the system either does not work correctly or is dangerous and could cause car crashes.

Why is Enhanced Autopilot Dangerous?

defective autopilot causing bike accident

Many Tesla owners who purchased a vehicle with Enhanced Autopilot claim that the system does not work or is completely ineffective. In fact, many issues have been identified and brought to light after several devastating accidents involving the Tesla Enhanced Autopilot system. One issue is that the sensors do not always seem to detect what they are supposed to. Another issue seems to be with the camera system being able to see everything that is going on in traffic. Defective auto parts can be a major factor in car accidents. The issues identified with the Enhanced Autopilot are of concern to many because the system is essentially in control of the vehicle. Any malfunction of the autopilot feature could lead to a failure of the car to stop on time or slow down on time and result in a car crash. Tesla commented that they are working on making updates to the Enhanced Autopilot System, which they hope will resolve the issues.

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