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Compensation for Slip and Fall Accidents on Snow and Ice in RI

Winter can be a charming time of the year, particularly during the holidays when the snow blankets the trees and roadways. However, this could also be a treacherous time when it comes to slip and fall accidents. When snow and ice accumulate on driveways, walkways, outdoor stairways and sidewalks, there is a heightened risk […]

How The Courts Helped Shape America’s Workers’ Compensation

Although the legislation brought together both by the states and the federal government was thought to be a “win-win” for the employees, many challenges have been brought by both employers and their workers. These decisions helped form a better understanding of what is legal and just when workers’ compensation is needed.How Did The Court […]

Can I Still Get Workers’ Compensation Even if the Accident was My Fault?

You may be able to receive Workers’ Compensation for an injury sustained at work even if the accident causing the injury was your fault. Workers’ Compensation in Rhode Island is essentially a no-fault insurance system that helps workers who have been injured while working receive compensation for lost wages and medical expenses. Every business […]

Six California Plaintiffs Awarded $1 Billion Verdict for Defective Metal Hip Implants

A federal jury found that Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary, DePuy Orthopaedics, manufactured defective hip implant systems and failed to warn the consumers of the risks. This one lawsuit is one of more than 8,000 that have been filed against Johnson & Johnson. The verdict on Thursday, December 1, 2016 came in the third set […]

Citations for Distracted Driving Have Doubled in Rhode Island

Rhode Island State Troopers report writing over twice as many citations for distracted driving over the past year. In total, 513 citations have been handed out to drivers looking at their phones while driving in comparison with a total of 231 written last year. This increase is thought to be due to the state’s […]

Weekly Recap of Recalls, Withdrawals & Safety Alerts: January 9-15, 2017

Each week we compile a summary of recalls, FDA warnings, market withdrawals and safety alerts that the public should be aware of for their safety and so that they can make informed decisions.27 Recalls to be aware this week.

Photo Source: consumeraffairs.comMaserati Levante S vehicles recalled – the transmission may shift to neutral unexpectedly.

Photo Source: […]

Research Shows Almost Half of IVC Filters Prone to Fracture Within Five Years

Published medical studies have already found a number of serious complications associated with inferior vena cava (IVC) filters including fracture, device migration, perforation of the vena cava wall, organ penetration and the increased risk for blood clots. Now, a recent study conducted by researchers at the Imaging Institute of Interventional Radiology Clinic in Cleveland […]

Development of Workers’ Compensation in America: “The Great Tradeoff”

Lawrence Strike of 1912 | Photo source: americanyawp.comAs labor unions began to form and employees began to organize and voice their complaints to the widespread injustice they faced, an interest in the value of the human worker was sparked and the law began to change. Both employers and employees saw the value in a […]

Invokana Lawsuits Will be Heard in Federal Court

Janssen Pharmaceuticals is seeking to move the growing number of lawsuits over its type 2 diabetes drug Invokana from state to federal court. According to a news report in the Legal Intelligencer, Jannsen recently filed notices in more than 100 cases that are pending in the Philadelphia Court of Common Pleas, indicating that it […]

d’Oliveira & Associates Southeastern MA Client Received $300,000 in Dog Bite Settlement

Attorney D. Robin Gouveia, of d’Oliveira & Associates, recently negotiated a $300,000 dog bite settlement with Safety Insurance Company for a woman, who was injured as a result of a dog bite attack. The woman was attacked by a dog that was not on a leash. The woman suffered several lacerations to the face […]