Motorcyclist and driver involved in an accident and calling an experienced RI Motorcycle Accident Lawyer to file a motorcycle accident claimThough the moments after a motorcycle accident can be very traumatic, keep in mind that your actions immediately following the accident have a direct bearing on how much compensation you will recover:

    • Never flee the scene. Wait until you exchange information with all of the individuals involved and assess the damages prior to leaving the scene of the accident.
    • Get to safety. Nothing is more important – if any parties have sustained injury, seek appropriate medical attention.
    • Do not apologize or discuss fault. Any apologetic or accusatory statements may be used against you when you seek compensation later on.
    • Call 911 to report the accident. You may be in shock and not realize that you and anyone else involved may need immediate medical attention. Calling 911 will ensure that medical help is on the way. Phoning 911 will also ensure police protection. When officers arrive, everything will be documented. The officers will document the crash scene and take witness statements. This is MUCH stronger evidence than the typical “he-said, she-said” evidence that results from a lack of independent observation.
    • Call for legal help. Contact a qualified Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident attorney at 1-800-992-6878. As soon as you call our office, we will send a professional motorcycle wreck investigator to the scene. This means that you immediately have someone on your side, looking out for your best interests. Feel free to call at any time of day or night, even holidays. Our investigators gather and preserve the evidence that you need to prove your case and our lawyers will fight to get the financial compensation you need and deserve.
    • Obtain personal contact information from any witnesses. If there were any bystanders who witnessed the accident, obtain their personal contact information, as they could be useful witnesses later who may be able to provide valuable testimony on your behalf.
    • Take pictures to document the scene. If you can take photographs without putting yourself in harm’s way, you should remember to do so. The scene should be documented whenever possible so that the photographs can serve as proof indicating: damage to vehicles, road conditions, street signs, weather conditions, and injuries.
    • Be careful who you speak with. Particularly if you are contacted by an insurance company – have your Rhode Island Motorcycle Accident lawyer speak with other parties’ agents.