Car accident that lead to a large car accident settlement.

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Can Hiring A Lawyer Really Lead To A Greater Settlement Award?

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According to a study released by the Insurance Research Council (IRC), car accident victims who hire lawyers saw significantly higher settlement amounts than those who proceeded without one. The study found that those who hire lawyers to represent them in car accident claims increased their settlement value by more than 40%. For example, using the statistics found in this report, if a driver hires a lawyer, they may see a settlement awarded at $140,000 for their injuries, whereas one who does not hire a lawyer may see a settlement of only $100,000. This additional $40,000 makes a big difference to those who need the money.

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Another study by IRC found that those who hire lawyers will see a payout, on average, 3.5 times greater than those who have not hired a lawyer. The study focused on the correlation, or relationship, between representation from a lawyer and compensation payouts from insurance companies. Much like the first study, this newer research found that a staggering 85% of all payout dollars go to a victim who has hired a lawyer. The study illustrates this disparity through many examples, with a $20,000 difference for a bone fracture, in real 2000 dollars, between a victim who has hired a lawyer, and one who has not.

Lastly, to echo the findings in the two previous studies, another study, this time conducted by the All-Industry Research Advisory Council (ARAC), found that greater than 50% of all lawyer-represented claimants believed they received a far greater amount of compensation than would be awarded if the claimant had not hired a lawyer. The study also found that the higher the economic loss of the accident, the more likely an individual was to hire a competent lawyer.

So, Should I Hire A Lawyer For My Car Accident Injury?

Of course, the decision to hire a lawyer ultimately rests in the hands of the car accident. To help make the decision easier, please find below some of the many job tasks that a lawyer can add to your benefit once hired:

  • File the car accident claim on a client’s behalf.
  • Negotiate settlements with at-fault drivers or their insurance company.
  • Disperse and educate clients on their rights and the law.

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