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A dog biting a person's arm.According to 2020 statistics, about 24% of Connecticut households own a pet dog (i). These pet dogs enhance the lives of their owners and studies have even shown that these furry friends can help lower anxiety and cholesterol. However, owning a dog comes with responsibility as well as risk. Dog owners accept the responsibility of caring for their dog but may not realize that they have also accepted the risk that they may have to pay for any injuries or property damage caused by their dogs.

Connecticut Dog Bite Laws

Connecticut has passed a number of dog laws including a law that imposes strict liability on dog owners. This means that dog owners are required to pay the cost of any injuries or property damage, regardless of whether they were negligent. The only way dog owners can avoid paying these costs is by proving that the dog bite victim was “teasing, tormenting, or abusing” the dog. If the dog victim is a child under the age of seven, the law presumes that they were not doing any “teasing, tormenting, or abusing.” This presumption is another hurdle dog owners must overcome to avoid paying for injuries or property damage caused by their dog. In Connecticut, a dog does not actually have to bite the victim in order for the victim to recover money from the dog owner. For example, an aggressive dog may knock a person down causing injuries or chase a person causing injuries. These Connecticut dog laws reflect the belief that innocent dog bite victims should be protected.

Connecticut Dog Bite Victim on CrutchesUnder Connecticut law, a dog bite victim may be able to recover damages from a number of people who are not the dog owner. For example, if a minor (person under the age of 18) owns a dog that has caused injuries, then the minor’s parents may be held responsible for the costs of the dog bite injuries. Additionally, people who have agreed to care for a dog may be at fault for the dog’s actions. This includes, animal shelters, kennels, dog sitters and dog walkers. Lastly, landlords may be liable for dog bite injuries if they allowed their tenant to own a dangerous dog.

The Connecticut Legislature has addressed a number of other issues relating to dog ownership. Connecticut General Statutes, Title 22, Chapter 435, Sections 327-367a, cover dog issues like cruelty, leashes, rabies, and many other parts of dog ownership. It is important to know the laws regulating your pets and realize that your city or town may have passed additional dog ownerships laws.

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