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Our personal injury lawyers here all have more than 20 years handling these types of claims throughout RI and MA. Our experienced staff of paralegals and legal assistants utilize a teamwork approach to getting our clients all the money they are entitled to and as quickly as possible. They also enjoy talking to our clients and making sure they receive wow customer service.

The office in Cranston, RI also services the nearby town of Scituate.

Injured? Contact a Cranston personal injury lawyer today at (401) 275-2039 for a free case evaluation.

Car Accident Lawyer Cranston

Cranston, RI personal injury lawyer can handle your auto accident claims

If it was not your fault, then the other driver’s insurance company has to compensate you for your injuries. Call a Cranston car accident lawyer today! Do not let the insurance company low offer you into an unfair settlement of your personal injury claim.  Learn more

Motorcycle Claims

Cranston, RI Personal Injury Lawyer that can handle your Cranston, RI motorcycle accident claims

Motorcycle crash cases are more complicated than normal car accident cases simply because the other driver will often try to apportion blame on the motorcyclist. The insurance company then will offer less than a full settlement to compensate you. Sometimes, we have to hire expert in accident reconstructionist to help prove the motorcyclist was not at fault. It is essential to have an experienced Cranston personal injury lawyer on your side during this process. Learn more

Workers’ Compensation Claims

cranston workers compensation

If so you are entitled to collect workers’ compensation benefits to pay your lost wages and medical bills, among other losses. In serious injury cases they will often give you a lump sum settlement. Our personal injury lawyers have the experience to get you all the money you are entitled to receive. Learn more

Dog Bite Claims

Cranston, RI personal injury lawyer providing help to Cranston residents for dog bite injuries

Attorney Cameron has received large settlements on behalf of her clients, who were injured by dog bites. If a dog has bitten you, you may be entitled to recover for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, scarring, and other losses.  Learn more

Slip and Fall Claims

Cranston, RI personal injury lawyer that handles your Cranston slip and fall claim

These are often very serious injury cases that involve the most amount of work for our Cranston personal injury lawyers here. The reason is because we have to prove that the owner of the property was at fault or negligent and that it was not your fault. Insurance companies often deny paying any money on these claims. They often end up in a law suit which can be costly and time consuming.  Learn more

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Social Security Disability Claims

Cranston personal injury lawyers can handle any denied social security disability benefits claim

To get benefits, you must be unable to work for at least one year. Our firm charges a 25% fee of past-due benefits only if we win your case. Due to the Federal Governments budget deficits, these claims are getting increasingly more difficult to win so you should hire a lawyer to help you as there is no fee unless we win your case.  Learn more

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