motorcycle accidentIf you are injured in a motorcycle accident and it is not your fault, our experienced motorcycle accident lawyers can obtain settlement money for you for your medical bills, lost income, disfigurement (if any) and pain and suffering, among other losses. The biggest hurdle we can face is proving that the other driver was at fault, as often the other driver’s insurance company will try to show the motorcyclist was at least partly at fault. If needed, we will hire an accident reconstruction expert to take pictures of the accident site and get witness statements, etc. to help us prove the other driver was at fault.

Getting the insurance adjuster to pay you fully for your pain and suffering is what we battle with the insurance company the most. Insurance companies can be stingy, because they try to show that your pain and suffering was not as severe as it may have been. We can usually get you more for pain and suffering by making sure your doctors order the appropriate tests such as an MRI, etc. to prove the extent of your injuries and make sure your doctors properly document their physical findings they find to prove your pain and suffering.

The most important thing we can have you do is to make sure you keep all of your appointments with your treating doctors and physical therapists, etc., as insurance claims adjusters will assume that, if you have gaps in your treatment, that you were probably not in serious pain. Often people are busy with life and find it hard to keep their appointments, but we do all we can to remind you how important this is for us to obtain a good settlement of your motorcycle accident case.

Every case is different, but typically insurance companies will pay you more money for pain and suffering based on the severity of your injuries and how long your doctor indicates you are totally or partially disabled and in pain. For example, pain and suffering for a broken bone is normally going to be much more than for the typical soft tissue neck or back injury, unless you have an MRI that shows a ruptured disc, etc.

If you are in so much pain that you cannot work is something that makes your case worth more money and claims adjusters will offer us more money for pain and suffering for the weeks you were unable to work.

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