Largest Dog Bite Injury Settlements

$400,000 Settlement – Our client was a young boy who was attacked by a dog while at a friend’s home. The dog latched on to the boy’s nose requiring him to undergo plastic surgery.

$350,000 Settlement – Our client was attacked by a dog and suffered severe bites that required surgery and skin grafts.

$300,000 Settlement – Our client was bit on the ankle by a dog and sustained deep puncture wounds and required physical therapy.

$300,000 Settlement – Our client was a Massachusetts woman, who was bit on the face and the chest by a dog and sustained deep lacerations and puncture wounds. She received an out of court settlement from Safety Insurance Company.

$250,000 Settlement – Our client was about to throw a ball when they were viciously bitten by a dog. Our client sustained extensive and painful bite injuries to their face and arms.

$217,000 Settlement – Our client sustained a serious dog bite to the face and underwent constructive surgery. Our firm maintained joint responsibility with another attorney, who settled the case out of court.

$155,000 Settlement – Our client’s arm was seriously injured, requiring surgery, after an unprovoked dog bit her. The dog had a history of biting others.