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If you have been injured in a car accident, you may be entitled to a cash settlement for your medical bills, lost income (if any), pain and suffering and other losses. Our experienced Taunton car accident lawyers charge no fee until you receive a settlement or award. Feel free to contact us for a free (no obligation) case evaluation.

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Cara Gallucci, the managing attorney in our Taunton office, has been successfully handling car accident cases for over 23 years and is an excellent Taunton car accident lawyer. All of the attorneys in the firm have at least 20 years’ experience in handling car accident cases.

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Frequently Asked Questions From Our Clients:

What Must I Pay My Lawyer To Handle My Taunton Car Accident Lawsuit?

d’Oliveira and Associates will not charge you any legal fees until you receive settlement or award for your injuries. Our firm does charge a typical 1/3 fee of your settlement or award. We will also pay for out of pocket costs such as to obtain medical records, etc. And we obtain these from you if and when you receive an award.

What Am I Entitled To Due To My Taunton Car Accident Case?

If you were injured in an auto accident and it was not your fault, you may be entitled to medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering, among other losses. As your lawyer we will negotiate with the insurance company the most concerning pain and suffering. Insurance companies just do not value pain and suffering as being worth as much as we do. This is where our 30 years of experience as Taunton auto accident lawyers can be incredibly important. Read more.

What If My Car Is Damaged?

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In order to make sure that you receive the correct amount for your property damage claim you should have an insurance appraiser examine your vehicle at the auto body shop with your auto body repair man present. Your repair man should discuss your property damage claim with the claims adjustor directly. He is the best person, considering he will be the person fixing your vehicle, to negotiate the value of your property damage claim. This will help ensure you receive the correct amount of money you need to repair your vehicle. Read more.

What is Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and Does it Apply to My Taunton Car Accident?

If the vehicle that you were injured in is registered in MA, PIP is an available option for you. Personal Injury Protection or PIP is most commonly referred to as “no fault” insurance. This means that even if you were considered at fault for the accident, you are able to obtain PIP benefits from the vehicle you were in, so long as the car is registered in MA.

This will pay you or anyone else injured in your automobile for medical bills, funeral expenses, and 75% of lost wages. There is a maximum payment which is capped at $8,000 per person injured. If you have health insurance such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, the no fault insurance carrier will be responsible for only the first $2,000 of the medical bills, and your private health insurance company may pay for the rest. If they do not pay the rest, PIP must pay the balance. Our experienced Taunton car accident lawyers here can walk you through this complex law in Massachusetts.

What Insurance Liability Coverage is Available to Me for My Taunton Car Accident Case?

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Massachusetts requires that every automobile have a minimum coverage of $20,000/$40,000. This means that the insurance company will pay up to $20,000 to each injured person, but no more than $40,000 total for all people hurt in the accident. Some car owners do carry more than these minimum limits.

Under this coverage, only the insurance company for the person who is at fault pays. This will compensate any injured people for lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering and mental anguish, among other losses. In order to receive a settlement for pain and suffering with this coverage, you must have at least $2,000 in medical bills beforehand or have sustained a broken bone or a scar.

What Are Important Things To Keep In Mind Regarding My Insurance Company?

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  • Make sure that you get in contact your insurance agent as soon as you possible after the accident. Insurance companies will require you to a file a claim in a certain reasonable amount of time after the accident. It is vital not wait to file your claim.
  • Go through your policy and determine the coverage you have to make sure that you file the proper claims. An experienced Taunton auto accident lawyer can help guide you through this process.
  • Make sure to let your insurance company know about the particulars of the accident. Also include the insurance information of the other parties that were in the accident.
  • Be sure to keep any and all paperwork having to do with your claim. This can be any medical bills, repair bills, and other papers or documents of expenses.
  • We recommend that you don’t speak to the opposing party insurance company without speaking with a qualified Taunton auto accident attorney first. If you do decide to speak with to the opposing parties insurance company be sure that you: DO NOT talk about the specifics as to how the accident occurred, DO NOT agree to any offers to settle your claim until your doctor has cleared you from medical treatment and you are no longer in pain, DO NOT sign any insurance waiver or release until your doctor has cleared you from treatment and you are no longer in pain… Read more.

Why Do I Need An Experienced Taunton Car Accident Lawyer?

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The answer is very simple. The insurance company’s objective is to offer you as little money as possible in order to settle your case. There are several things that a skilled attorney can do in order to make sure that you receive the best settlement possible for your case. This can include supervising your medical treatment to ensure that your doctors ordered the correct tests, collecting and monitoring your medical records to make sure they document any and all pain and suffering you have endured, guiding you regarding all aspects of your claim, and most importantly, negotiating with the insurance company to see that you receive the greatest possible settlement for your injuries.

Why Should I Hire Your Firm?

  • Our firm has been handling auto accident cases for over 30 years.
  • Every one of our attorneys here has at least 20 years’ experience in dealing with auto accident cases.
  • Your initial phone call will be answered no matter when you call, 24/7.
  • We will offer you a free (no obligation) consultation.
  • We are accessible to come to you wherever you are, if either you prefer this or are unable to come into one of our 16 offices in RI and MA.
  • We do not charge any legal fees unless you receive a settlement or award.
  • We will make sure to return your phone calls as soon as possible.
  • We know all the different tricks the insurance company adjustors will try to use to offer you less money than what your case is really worth.

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Driving Directions

Most Dangerous Intersections in Taunton

In a report conducted by Southeastern Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SPREDD), ranking the top 100 most dangerous crash locations in Southeastern Massachusetts, Taunton is among the most prevalent locations.

Below are the four most frequent crash sites on the list in Taunton

  • Dean St. (Rte 44) Longmeadow Rd./G.Owen Pkwy
  • County St. (Rte 140) intersection with Hart St.
  • Broadway (Rte 138) intersection with East Britannia St.
  • Williams St. intersection with Gordon Owen Riverway