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A nurse is performing a breast exam on a patient to detect breast cancer.

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Why Are There Failure To Diagnose Breast Cancer Medical Malpractice Cases?

A nurse realizing that a doctor had failed to diagnose breast cancer in a patient.The failure to diagnose breast cancer is typically because an examination or test was not completed at all or was done improperly. In other cases, medical professionals may have not read the test results correctly or just simply missed the signs that should have directed them to an accurate diagnosis.

Early detection of breast cancer is absolutely crucial. Finding breast cancer quickly can mean the difference between life and death for some women. Unfortunately, breast cancer lawyers have witnessed firsthand many women, who end up suffering and in some cases losing their lives due to breast cancer misdiagnosis.

When Do Breast Cancer Malpractice Cases Occur?

When there is a:

  • Failure to perform a breast exam.
  • Failure to identify existing lump during breast exam.
  • Failure to follow up on an abnormal physical exam finding.
  • Failure to accurately interpret a physical finding as a reason for concern.
  • Misdiagnosing a cancerous lump as another disease.
  • Failure to order biopsy of a lump.
  • Failure to order necessary mammogram testing.
  • Radiologists misread the mammogram test results.
  • Failure to follow up on an abnormal mammogram.
  • Failure to verify or follow up on a patient’s complaint.
  • Failure to take the symptoms of breast pain seriously.
  • Failure to determine the cause of nipple discharge.
  • Communication errors among various providers.
  • Communication errors between providers and patients.

What Is the Effect Of a Failure To Diagnose Breast Cancer?

Failure to diagnose breast cancer could lead to advanced stages of the cancer and even death. If this cancer is detected early on it can be stopped and death could be avoided. Many women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and some deaths could have been avoided if the cancer had been properly diagnosed.

Below is the survival rate, by stage, for breast cancer patients receiving treatment. This demonstrates how important early detection is:

  • Stage 0 = 100%
  • Stage I = 100%
  • Stage II = 86%
  • Stage III = 57%
  • Stage IV = 20%

How Can Failure To Diagnose Breast Cancer Medical Malpractice Be Avoided?

A woman being told that her previous doctor failed to diagnose her breast cancer.Although the diagnosis of breast cancer can be challenging in some circumstances, medical management ideas exist to assist health providers in detecting and diagnosing the disease. Some ways that physicians should be managing the risks and avoiding a delay in diagnosis include:

  1. Pursuing every breast complaint to resolution.
  2. Following breast cancer screening guidelines.
  3. Establishing an office tracking system for breast cancer screening reminders.
  4. Tracking results of all mammograms and follow-up studies ordered.
  5. Referring premenopausal women for the evaluation of any breast mass that persists through a menstrual cycle.
  6. Considering any irregular breast finding as a cause for concern.
  7. Referring every woman with a breast finding on a physical examination for consultation regardless of the mammogram report.
  8. Carefully documenting patient history, physical exam findings, clinical impression, and follow-up plans.

How To Protect Yourself Against Misdiagnoses?

A woman being told that her previous doctor failed to diagnose that she had breast cancer.Given the importance of early detection, patients should know that there are ways they can protect themselves from breast cancer misdiagnosis. United States researchers credit screening with a death-rate reduction of 15%. Individuals should perform self-examinations on a regular basis, looking for signs of swelling, soreness, rash, or redness. They should report any findings to their doctors as soon as possible.

Additionally, knowledge of family history can be helpful. If an individual has a close family member that has been diagnosed with breast cancer, they have an increased risk of developing breast cancer themselves. This information should also be brought to their doctor’s attention. Finally, it would be wise for patients to seek a second medical opinion not only because early detection is so important, but also because of how often mistakes are made in diagnosing breast cancer.

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