Johnson & Johnson and its subsidiary, Ethicon, are facing a product liability lawsuit in Tennessee, which alleges that a man suffered a recurrent hernia and other serious complications after his Physiomesh hernia patch failed. According to a complaint filed in Tennessee, the plaintiff alleges that the J & J Ethicon hernia mesh was defectively designed and posed an unreasonable risk of severe adverse side effects in patients who received them. A variety of these medical devices have caused injury among patients, many of whom have contacted lawyers to file a hernia mesh patch lawsuit for them.

Defective Ethicon Hernia Mesh

What Side Effects Did This Man Endure?

The plaintiff said he underwent a laparoscopic procedure of an incision hernia in December of 2014. He had a 35 cm by 25 cm Ethicon Physiomesh patch implanted in his body. The product, he said, was marketed as “safe and effective” for hernia repair.

Defective Ethicon Hernia Mesh SurgeryHowever, the man said he began to experience severe complications, which led him to undergo a second surgery in September of 2016. During this surgery, doctors had to remove the hernia mesh from the man’s abdominal wall leaving him with severe and permanent injuries. The lawsuit states, he continues to find his everyday activities affected by these side effects and may even require additional surgery in the future.

What Are These Mesh Patches Made Of?

Physiomesh is a hernia mesh manufactured by Ethicon. It includes two layers of polyglecaprone-25 and two underlying layers of polydioxanone film. While a coating is applied to the mesh to minimize inflammation and adhesion, the device’s design has been linked to a number of issues. The multi-layer coating, in fact, proved harmful as it caused inflammation and caused adverse tissue reaction including migration of the device and damage to surrounding tissue. It can also cause infection.

Are There a Lot Of These Cases Out There?

Defective Ethicon Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

This man’s lawsuit is one of the thousands of Physiomesh Patch lawsuits in federal courts. In light of knowing their products are defective, Ethicon and J & J decided to remove the product from the shelves and halt sales in the United States. However, those who received the devices nationwide continue to have a faulty medical device implanted in their bodies. These individuals run the risk of facing permanent injuries if the Physiomesh fails.

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