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Being involved in a car accident creates a variety of physical and financial problems for the parties involved. Immediate medical expenses coupled with on-going therapy are both physically and financially draining. Additionally, the cost of car repairs can be costly depending on the severity of the car crash.

young driver worrying about his insuranceThe problems created by an auto accident may seem overwhelming but it is important to avoid making mistakes that may compromise your claim against the other party and his or her insurance company. The biggest mistake that people can make is talking to the other party’s insurance company.

man calling insurance companyInsurance companies operate by spreading the cost of accidents and injuries among policyholders. They earn greater profits by collecting larger premiums while keeping costs down. One strategy for keeping costs down is to deny insurance claims. This may be achieved by getting non-policyholders to admit liability and therefore avoid incurring the cost of that accident or injury. It is important for parties involved in accidents not to admit liability to the other party or the other party’s insurance company. The best way to avoid making such a mistake is to forego talking to the other parties insurance company altogether.

If an insurance company contacts you after an accident in order to “assess your claim,” you should not give a statement and you are under no legal obligation to give a statement. Instead, you should contact a RI motor vehicle accident lawyer that will give you the advice you need to recover any compensation you may be entitled to receive. d’Oliveira and Associates has years of experience providing such legal advice to parties involved in Rhode Island car accidents.

Car Accident lawyer who can go up against the Insurance Company

d’Oliveira & Associates has helped parties involved in car crashes receive millions of dollars in damages and settlements. If you have suffered personal injury or property damage from a traffic accident and have not been compensated you should contact our law firm for advice on your legal claim. d’Oliveira & Associates has negotiated settlements from insurance companies and has recovered damages from insurance companies who have denied insurance claims.

Do You Need Legal Advice Regarding an Insurance Claim?

personal injury lawyerIf you or a loved one has been denied insurance coverage, the lawyers in RI at d’Oliveira & Associates want you to know that you may be entitled to compensation. d’Oliveira & Associates has years of experience when it comes to car accident lawsuits, and can help ensure that you receive the legal representation you deserve for your auto accident claim. Please contact the law offices of d’Oliveira & Associates at 1-800-992-6867 or fill out a contact form for a free legal consultation.

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