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A new study released by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology revealed that e-cigarette flavorings, even without nicotine, can lead to a decrease in endothelial cell functioning and survival. This is an important discovery because a decrease in endothelial cells is linked to an increased risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

woman enjoying E-Cigarette FlavoringsMany people enjoy e-cigarettes based on the assumption that e-cigarettes have less harmful health effects than regular smoking cigarettes. This study questions this reasoning but requires further research to confirm the link between e-cigarette liquid flavorings and the development of cardiovascular disease.

How are E-Cigarette Flavors Dangerous to Heart Health?

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According to the new report, some e-cigarette liquid flavorings harmed endothelial cells, which usually help to prevent cardiovascular disease. The study analyzed six different e-liquids with varying nicotine content, some with none at all. Nicotine is an infamous substance that is inherently dangerous to humans. Which leads to the most shocking revelation of the study in which e-liquids even with no nicotine content still lead to endothelial cell dysfunction.

e-cigaratte flavorings userWith the largest population of consumers of e-cigarettes being young individuals, it is becoming increasingly concerning that these long-lasting health effects are only just rising to the surface. The only certain danger of e-cigarettes are the explosions of the device while in use. If you or a loved one have experienced the dangers of an exploding e-cigarette device, then you may be entitled to compensation and should contact an experienced e-cigarette lawyer today.

Which E-Liquid Flavors are the Most Dangerous to Humans?

The study also declared the cinnamon e-liquid flavoring to be the most toxic. In addition, other flavors, like buttery, caramel, and fruity had a moderate effect on endothelial cell function, while the cinnamon flavor had a strong effect and is labeled as the most toxic sample tested for humans. The cinnamon flavor specifically resulted in decreased cell survival and impaired cell responses.

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