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Fourth of July is a special time in America, with many in Rhode Island and Massachusetts meeting with family and friends to cook up some American classics or sit on the beach while enjoying the long weekend. With the gasoline prices at their lowest since 2005, and more than a fifty cents cheaper per gallon than last year, traveling greater distances is now cheaper and more appealing to motorists.

heavy traffic volumeWith this, AAA is expecting more than 2.2 million people in the region to hit the road to enjoy the holiday. Of course with this influx of traffic, it is important to remain observant of all of your surroundings while on the road, as there will be an even greater chance of an occurrence of a car accident during this time.

What Are Some Precautions to Stay Safe On the Roads?

Although the Fourth of July holiday is one of the best celebrations of the year, it is important to remember that safety still trumps enjoyment. Here are some tips to get to the parties and back home safely:

  • traffic volume on Fourth of JulyAnticipate Heavy Traffic: Anticipate plenty of traffic on the roads this weekend. With the Fourth of July on a Monday this year, drivers can assume there will be even more congestion on the roads than on a usual Monday workday.
  • Avoid Late Night Driving: Although it is not ideal to leave a party prematurely, if it means getting home safely, it is worth it. Because of the amount of drivers on the road throughout the entire day and night, it is important to get on the road before it is too late.
  • man adding gas to his car for fourth of July travelCheck Gas Levels: This is surprisingly easy to forget when loading up a vehicle and hitting the open road. You do not want to be stuck on the highway when the temperatures can reach 100 degrees in a sitting vehicle without any gas. This creates a hazard as other drivers speed past your immobile vehicle.
  • Buckle Up: It's a well-known fact that lives are saved because of individuals wearing their seatbelts properly every time they enter their vehicles. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) study, seat belts decrease serious crash accident-related injuries and deaths by more than 50 percent.
  • view of fireworks from road in a carDo Not Stop on the Road to Watch Fireworks: According to AAA studies, drivers who stop on the side of road to watch a fireworks show create a big safety concern for everyone. Not only does this congest the side of the road, but creates hazards for moving vehicles.
  • Travel Cautiously through Construction Zones: Although the worksites may be down for the holidays, this does not mean that barriers, equipment and signs should be ignored. Motorists pose the greatest danger in these areas by speeding, not paying attention and driving while impaired or distracted.

glass of wineDo Not Drink And Drive: Most importantly on this storied holiday, refrain from drinking and driving. The Fourth of July sees over 50 percent of all car accidents caused by drunk driving, with more than 40 percent of those accidents with a driver between the ages of 21 and 25.

Furthermore, between 2009 and 2013, 612 fatalities occurred because of a preventable drunk driving car accident. Not only is this illegal, but it is dangerous, not only to yourself, but to all drivers on the road. From everyone at d'Oliveira and Associates, enjoy the holiday weekend and safe travels!

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