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It is not surprising that heartburn medications are making the headlines again. Medications such as Nexium and Prilosec have been getting a lot of attention after lawsuits were filed for kidney damage side effects that were not listed in the warning label. Now, scientists believe they have discovered another side effect linked to heartburn medication. A new report reveals that taking heartburn medication regularly can increase your risk of developing allergies.

What Is The New Side Effect?

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Researchers are claiming that long-term use of heartburn medications may be causing your body to developed increased allergies to food that it normally would not. The statistical correlation is there but an explanation for how heartburn medication and allergies are connected physically is not clear. One explanation looks at the main function of the stomach, which is to break down food and process it. When taking anti-acids, this function is flawed leaving room for unprocessed foods to sneak out of the stomach and into other parts of the body. The body, not recognizing these types of proteins, reacts by marking them for destruction leading to an allergic response.

Why Are Some Heartburn Medications Considered Dangerous?

stomachHeartburn medication is one of the most common drugs Americans take each year. They are mostly used to treat heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux. Many people say that the risks outweigh the benefits of the dangerous side effects listed on the warning label. The main problem arises when the side effects are not listed. One of those side effects is kidney damage that can lead to permanent and more serious diagnoses. Now, another unknown side effect, allergies, is coming to the surface.

In fact, one man ate caviar for the first time and then tried it again seven years later while taking anti-acids. The result? He had a serious allergic reaction to the caviar. This lead scientists to conduct studies on mice that is the basis for this new report. Now with an added side effect that was previously unknown and still somewhat unclear, those taking heartburn medications need to ask themselves: Is it worth it?

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