Occupational Diseases and Injuries of Today’s Workplace

Almost a staggering one million occupational illnesses and deaths transpire in the United States every year. Among these injuries are respiratory problems, cancer, poisoning, hearing loss and skin diseases. Many of these injuries can turn fatal if they are not treated by a medical doctor. It is important to know that injured or sick employees can file a workers’ compensation claim for these occupational diseases. An employee may be able to obtain compensation for medical bill, lost wages and other costs through a Middletown workers’ compensation lawsuit.

What Are Some Of The Dangerous Diseases And Injuries In Today’s Workplace?

Skin disorderSkin diseases or disorders: These forms of occupational illnesses are hazardous because of the ability of an infection to grow within the employee’s skin. Many of these skin diseases or disorders are a result of an occupation that involves exposure to chemicals, working in plants or other substances. Some examples of skin diseases or disorders are dermatitis, eczema, ulcers, dry skin or inflammation of the skin. It is advised that you visit your medical doctor or dermatologist right away if you notice that your skin has become red, itchy or swollen.

respirator to avoid Occupational Diseases and InjuriesRespiratory conditions: These occupational illnesses result because of breathing potentially hazardous particles, chemicals, types of dust, gases, vapors or even fumes. One common example of this type of illness is a coal miner, who inhales particles and dust throughout the day as they work underground. Some examples of these injuries include, but are not limited to asbestosis, mesothelioma, asthma, tuberculosis and bronchitis.

mother with cancerCancer: Long after an employee retires from his occupation, they could see the formation of cancer. However, cancer can be detected in an employee’s body even if he is still working. Many chemicals and compounds have been found to be cancerous, such as asbestos and benzene, to name two of many products or chemicals that are known as carcinogens.

toxic substances which leads to occupational diseases and injuriesPoisoning: Although rare, poisoning can take place due to toxic substances in blood, other bodily fluids, or the breath that are caused by the ingestion or absorption of toxic substances into the body. An example of this would be lead poisoning that is caused by painting with lead, or ingesting high amounts of liquid gasoline. Carbon monoxide, benzene and other chemicals can also cause poisoning.

woman with ear protection while at a factoryHearing loss: When working in a loud factory, security at a bar or even working in a mine, hearing loss can happen very quickly. It is important that these employees wear some type of ear protection, as this can keep their ears from hearing the loud noises that can pierce an eardrum.

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