Weekly Recap of Recalls, Withdrawals & Safety Alerts: December 23 – 29, 2019

Each week we compile a summary of recalls, FDA warnings, market withdrawals and safety alerts that the public should be aware of for their safety and so that they can make informed decisions.

17 Recalls to be aware this week.

Medical Devices & Equipment:


  • Glenmark Pharmaceutical is recalling all unexpired lots of Ranitidine tablets. Photo source: FDAThe product may be contaminated with N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a probable human carcinogen, above levels established by the FDA.


Recalled Ford Recalled Ford


  • Polaris is recalling 2019 Slingshot, Slingshot SL, Slingshot SLR and Slingshot GT motorcycles. A 10A circuit breaker may be defective, tripping unexpectedly and causing a sudden loss of power and an engine stall.

  • Recalled Indian MotorcycleRecalled Indian Motorcycle
  • Indian is recalling certain 2019 Chieftain, Vintage, Roadmaster, Dark Horse, Springfield, and FTR1200 motorcycles. A 10A circuit breaker may be defective, tripping unexpectedly and causing a sudden loss of power and an engine stall.

  • Triumph Motorcycles America is recalling six accessory Quickshifter Kits sold for aftermarket installation on Speed Triple S motorcycles. The Quickshifter assembly body may contact the gear change linkage clamp assembly and interfere with gear changes, possibly resulting in a missed gear/false neutral.

  • Arcimoto is recalling 25 model year 2019 FUV motorcycles. A component of the display board may short circuit causing the communication and display circuit boards to shut down. If the communication or display board shuts down, the battery may shut down causing a sudden loss of power and increasing the risk of a crash.

Food, Beverage & Nutritional Supplements:


  • BCI Burke Company of Fond du Lac, Wis., is recalling about 440 Merge Playground Climbers. A welded rung opening on the sides of the climber poses an entrapment hazard to children.


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