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As motorists, we believe that any technology that can make a ride more efficient and more enjoyable is worth the additional fees that come with the advancement in technology. But with this technology comes the ever-growing fear that an individual or group could hack into your car’s technology and steal valuable, private information.

Third-Party HackingThis fear is only compounded by the fact that a hacker could cause your car to crash and cause a serious accident. As terrible as this is, the question, after the initial shock of the accident, boils down to who would be responsible for the car accident and any accumulating compensation for those injuries?

Car Motorist

prove that the car was actually hacked into

Responsibility for a car accident begins with the motorist of the vehicle in question. To shift the responsibility on another party, the motorist would have to be able to prove that the car was actually hacked into, the motorist took any precautionary measures to keep the vehicle from being hacked, and that the motorist had no knowledge of the hacking before it took place.

Car Manufacturer

The manufacturer of the car could be found responsible for the accident it they knew or should have known that their vehicles could have the ability to be hacked into by outsiders. This is known as product liability, and will keep the manufacturers responsible for keeping any and all consumers safe from potential hazards that could occur because of the manufactured item.


Car Manufacturer

Of course, if this was an unforeseen incident of hacking on both the part of the motorist and manufacturer, the responsibility would then fall on the hacker or hacking group. When looking to see who is responsible for the injuries and compensation associated with the injuries, this would fall under recklessness or an “intentional tort”, which consists of invasion of privacy; conversion; or even trespassing. This would mean that the actual hacker or group would have to be located first to have them in court, which can sometimes be almost impossible to accomplish.

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