If you feel that your disability insurance claim has been wrongfully denied or delayed by Unum, you should consider hiring an experienced Unum disability insurance lawyer. The experienced disability lawyers we work with can file a lawsuit on your behalf and they charge no fee unless you win your case. Call us toll free or fill out a contact form on our site for a free (no obligation) case evaluation.

A denied Social Security disability claim form.

Was Your Disability Insurance Claim Denied by Unum?
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What is Unum?

Unum is the leading disability insurance company in the United States. They have a history of unfairly denying and delaying disability claims. Many states have complained about Unum, and Unum has re-opened disability claims that were unfairly closed. Unum has also paid settlements to states. Many companies have their long-term disability insurance with Unum.

In 2008, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) listed Unum as the second worst insurance company in America. Former Unum employees have reported that the company ordered them to deny claims in order to meet goals and save the company money.

How Do I Know If Unum Is My Insurance Company?

Some of the companies that provide insurance that is handled or sold by Unum include:

  • Unum Life Insurance Co. of America
  • Provident Life and Accident Insurance Co.
  • The Paul Revere Life Insurance Co.
  • Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Co.
  • Genex
  • Duncanson & Holt
  • MetLife (Metropolitan Life)
  • John Hancock
  • New England Life
  • Equitable Insurance

How Can A Lawyer Help?

Woman reading her Rhode Island Unum Insurance Disability letter denying benefits.

A lawyer that is familiar with these types of cases can review your claim and determine whether you were unfairly denied benefits, or whether Unum delayed processing your claim. Some things that a lawyer might be able to detect are whether or not Unum changed the policy terms after you filed your claim, whether they refused to acknowledge your disability, or whether they used biased doctors in order to independently review your medical records. A lawyer may be able to re-open your case, or get you a settlement.

Why Contact Us?

If you believe that you have had your disability claim wrongfully delayed or denied by Unum, you may want to speak with a disability lawyer regarding a potential claim. A long term disability denial lawyer familiar with new developments in claims with Unum may be able to help you make important personal and legal decisions. Our firm is working with some of the leading lawyers in the country that are handling these cases and they charge no fee unless you win your claim. Contact us toll free or online for a free (no obligation) case evaluation.