What Are Some Common Social Security Disability Myths?

Myth: People fake disabilities and get SSDI Benefits all the time.

Truth: The Social Security Disability process is long and complex. It is designed specifically to prevent people from cheating the system. Around 70% of people get denied at the initial level, and 85% get denied at the reconsideration level. The process is highly effective at preventing undeserving claims from being awarded.

Myth: Someone I know has the same condition as me, and they get SSDI Benefits, so I automatically will too.

Truth: Each and every claim is unique, so they are all viewed independently of each other. Just because your friend had a condition that got them approved for SSDI, does not mean that you will get approved if you have it. Even with single conditions, everyone suffers from a different array of symptoms and the severity of those symptoms.

Myth: Someone I know got approved right away, so I will too.

Truth: Each case is viewed independently. If that person you know hired a lawyer, submitted detailed medical records, and got favorable recommendations from their doctors, then they may have been approved quickly. However, your situation might be different and it might take longer to get a favorable decision from the Social Security Administration.

Myth: Only old people can get Social Security Disability.

Truth: People of any age are able to get Social Security Disability as long as they fulfill the requirements. It is not uncommon, but it is more difficult, for people in their 20s or 30s to receive SSDI after they have suffered from a disability. It can sometimes be harder to prove a disability for a young person, but there is nothing preventing a claim.

Myth: I cannot get workers’ compensation if I am receiving SSDI.

Truth: You can actually get both workers’ comp. and SSDI at the same time. However, your monthly workers’ comp. payments may be reduced based on the amount of your SSDI payments, and your past-due SSDI benefits may be reduced as well.

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