What Does a Social Security Disability Lawyer Do?

Role of a Social Security Disability Lawyer is to help handle a SSD claim for those who cannot work

A Social Security Disability lawyer provides many helpful services while handling your claim. First, and most important, they will make sure that all of the correct documentation is submitted on time. Applications, appeals, and medical records all have to be submitted correctly and before their deadline in order to ensure that you have a chance at receiving a favorable award. Lawyers know these deadlines, and they know exactly where to send the documents.

Second, they know what kinds of questions to ask to help maximize your chances. Because most Social Security Disability lawyers handle mainly those types of cases, they know what is important to the Social Security Administration. They can ask you questions that you would never have thought would be important in determining a disability.

Thirdly, a Social Security Disability lawyer will be able to explain to you how to prepare for your SSDI hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge. They will be able to go over questions that the Judge is likely to ask you and make sure that you understand the procedure.

Lastly, a lawyer will be physically by your side at a hearing. Hearings can be very intimidating and the Judge and expert witnesses will probably not be on your side. Remember, if you are at a hearing, it means that you have already been denied twice, so the Judge needs a really good reason to give you an award. Having a lawyer there will ensure that you have someone on your side, fighting for you.

Do You Need To Hire a Lawyer?

woman looking at the denied claim and needing a Social Security Disability Lawyer for help

You do not need to hire a lawyer to represent you in a Social Security Disability claim. You can choose to represent yourself, or you can hire a “non-attorney representative” to assist in your claim. Many people choose to not hire a lawyer and it is possible, but very difficult, to win an SSDI claim on your own.

Should You Hire a Lawyer?

The answer is almost always yes. When a claimant hires a lawyer to handle their case, they double their chances of getting a favorable decision. For their legal fee, a lawyer can charge 25% of the past-due benefits or $6,000, whichever is less. However, this is generally a small price to pay when you consider the alternatives.

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