1.  $250 Million in Settlements

A Massachusetts or Rhode Island personal injury lawyer from d'Oliveira and Associates is handing their client a settlement check.d’Oliveira & Associates has recovered approximately $250 million dollars in settlements, awards, and benefits for our clients. This number represents gross settlements and benefits, such as lump sums, weekly workers’ compensation benefits, and past due and monthly Social Security Disability benefits. It also includes money received by clients where our firm maintained joint responsibility over the case after referring it to outside counsel. Click here for our best settlements.

2.  Over 95% of Our Cases Settle Out Of Court

Although we are experienced advocates, we find that with proper preparation we are able to settle most personal injury cases without ever setting foot in a court room. However, since all cases are unique, some are required to be tried in a court of law or at arbitration.

3.  Free Telephone or Online Consultation

We will provide you with a free consultation, whether it be over the phone, in person, or online. Our attorneys are able to answer any and all of your questions at your convenience. Click here for our online contact form.

4.  Our Extensive Experience in Personal Injury and Disability Law

Attorney Paul d’Oliveira has been practicing personal injury and disability law for over 30 years now. Our Associate Attorneys are dedicated and knowledgeable about these fields of law as well, and have been practicing personal injury and disability law now for over 20 years each. You can rest assured that our attorneys possess the experience to adequately handle your case. Read more about our staff.

5.  No Fee Unless You Get a Settlement or Award

We charge no fees until you obtain a settlement or award in your case. Such fees may include legal fees or costs to investigate your case, hire experts, and obtain medical records. Once you receive a settlement, we charge the industry standard 1/3 fee.

6.  We Only Handle Personal Injury & Disability Cases

A woman holding her neck in pain after an injury.Our law practice is limited to representing injured and disabled clients. Because our primary focus is personal injury and disability cases, we are confident that we can get you an excellent settlement for your claim in a timely manner.

7.  We Get Results

Our team-work approach to handling your case, including obtaining your medical records, working with experts, and keeping track of the progress made in your case has proven to be very effective. It allows our attorneys to negotiate an excellent and fair settlement for your personal injury claim as quickly as possible.

8.  We Speak Spanish

Our firm has a very friendly Spanish speaking paralegal who can communicate with you in your native language. We enjoy assisting our Spanish speaking clients.

9.  We Give Your Case the Personal Attention it Deserves

We believe that getting you the money you deserve as quickly as possible is only half of our job, as the other half is being an excellent counselor to you and to advise you as to your best legal options. We care about our clients and keep their best interest in mind at all times.

10.  We Offer Free Home or Hospital Visits

A d'Oliveira and associates personal injury lawyer meeting with his two clients.We will send someone to your home, the hospital, or to your place of employment if you are unable to travel to one of our many law firm offices in Rhode Island or Massachusetts. Click here for office locations.