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If you have been injured due to another person’s fault, you are entitled to collect for your medical bills, lost income and pain and suffering. Our firm charges no fee until we get a settlement or award for you. You can sign up on your mobile phone so no need to leave your home. Call 24/7 at 401-823-3444 or fill out an online contact form for a free case evaluation.

The office in Coventry, RI, also services the towns of West WarwickWest Greenwich, and East Greenwich, RI.

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Coventry Car Accident Lawyer

Coventry, RI Car Accident Claims handled by the Coventry, RI Personal Injury Lawyers

If you have been injured in a car accident, you need an experienced Coventry personal injury lawyer to help you get all the money you deserve. We charge a standard 1/3 fee of your settlement. Call a Coventry car accident lawyer that knows how fight the insurance company to get every dollar they owe you. Learn more

Motorcycle Accidents

Coventry, RI personal injury lawyers can handle motorcycle accident claims

Motorcycle accident cases are normally more complex than most car accident cases. Liability or fault is often the issue as often the other driver will tell the police officer that they did not see the motorcyclist and it was not their fault. Learn more

Workers’ Compensation

coventry workers compensation

If you seriously injured at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits for your lost wages and medical bills, among other losses. In some cases, lump-sum settlements are available. Hire an experienced Coventry personal injury lawyer. Learn more

Dog Bites

Coventry, RI personal injury lawyers who handle dog bite claims

Our firm has obtained many big settlements for people bitten by a dog.  The key is if the dog owner has liability insurance coverage. People who own homes usually have this type of coverage to compensate you for all of your injuries.  Learn more

Slip and Falls

Coventry, RI personal injury lawyers can handle slip and fall claims

For fall down cases, our biggest hurdle is proving to the insurance company that the fall was not even partially your fault. Insurance companies often deny these claims because it is not always clear who was at fault. Our Coventry slip and fall lawyers know how to handle slip and fall claims.  Learn more

Medical Malpractice

Coventry Medical Malpractice Lawyer

These types of injury cases are the most difficult to win because as the old saying goes…doctors bury their worst mistakes. These cases normally end up in lengthy litigation and take years to settle.  Learn more.

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