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Lisa Cameron proudly represents our clients in the town of Narragansett, Rhode Island. Attorney Cameron has been practicing personal injury and disability law for over 20 years with d’Oliveira & Associates, and has widespread knowledge and experience in these types of legal cases. Since arriving at d’Oliveira & Associates, Attorney Cameron has a reputation as a lawyer that her clients trust to get them the compensation they deserve. She knows not only how to get you the best settlement possible, but how to get it for you quickly.

Involved In a Car Accident in Narragansett? Get Help Now!

narragansett car accident lawyerAttorney Cameron and the team at d’Oliveira & Associates have settled numerous car accident claims in Rhode Island. If you are involved and injured in a car accident in Narragansett, you may be entitled to compensation, which will pay for your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other losses. Our law firm charges a traditional 1/3 fee, and will accept payment only if we successfully obtain a settlement or award for you. As always, a worthy lawyer should not cost you more, they should get you more. Learn more.

Injured While Riding a Motorcycle?

narragansett motorcycle accident lawyerThe consequent suit after being involved in a motorcycle accident in Narragansett can be lengthy and problematic because insurance company adjusters will try to display that the motorcyclist was partially or entirely responsible for the accident. These cases can be hard to win, which is why you should always have a trustworthy RI personal injury lawyer to help you. Learn more.

Injured During a Slip and Fall? Contact Us!

narragansett slip-and-fall lawyerSlip and fall cases can be tough because insurance companies will try to reject or reduce settlement offers. Regularly, a slip and fall accident takes place because of a defect or unsafe condition on the property, such as torn carpeting or icy sidewalks. Insurance companies will try to prove that the injured was at fault for not being vigilant for a dangerous condition. Our team has successfully handled many slip and fall cases and will not charge you without getting you the settlement you deserve. Learn more.

Injured From a Dog Bite?

narragansett dog bite injury lawyerAttorney Cameron has successfully obtained settlements for people injured by a dog bite in Narragansett and neighboring areas. Normally, when a dog bite happens on the owner’s property, their homeowner’s insurance coverage will compensate those who are bitten for their medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other losses. Our firm charges the usual 1/3 fee and will only accept payment if we get you a settlement or award. Learn more.

Injured While Working? Let Us Help Get You Workers’ Compensation!

narragansett workers compensationThe goal of workers’ compensation is to help employees injured at work to receive payments for their injuries and medical expenses, among other losses. This is typically given to the injured worker by the employer’s insurance company. Still, receiving workers’ compensation benefits are not simple and may take time. The rules can be challenging to grasp and the procedures taken can be tricky. We work with some of the most experienced and accomplished workers’ compensation lawyers in Rhode Island. Learn more.

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Things to See and Do in Narragansett Rhode Island

Narragansett, located in Washington County, Rhode Island, includes the beach villages of Galilee, Scarborough, Point Judith, the town beach and Bonnet Shores. The area offers many sit-down restaurants and beautiful beaches. Narragansett — both the bay and the town — took the name of the Indian nation that lived in Rhode Island. It means “people of a small, narrow place.” The region was inhabited by farmers and people in the fishing industry. The town is about 10 miles long and 2 miles wide and is home to shops, beaches, restaurants and marinas.

It has become a hot spot for vacationing families during the summer and home to University of Rhode Island students during the fall, winter and spring. The town is always bustling. The area experiences all four seasons and that’s a big attraction of Narragansett.

The easiest way to get around and experience Narragansett is by foot or bike. You could walk along its wonderful beaches or ride along its scenic waterfront streets. You might also want to rent a moped, scooter or car to get to the Narragansett Pier area to Scarborough and Point Judith. The town has something to offer for everyone — be it historic lighthouses, beautiful marinas or things to do for the entire family.

Beaches of Narragansett


Roger Wheeler State Beach, 100 Sand Hill Cove Road: Being a public beach, it is free, but you still have to pay for parking. This is a great beach for families because the waves are smaller and there is a playground inside the beach. It has nice views of boats going in and out of Galilee and is within walking distance to shops and restaurants.

Southern Rhode Island Green Trail: This is a serene trail that runs from Kingstown train station to Narragansett neighborhood.

Galilee fishing village: This is wonderful place to visit for those with children, the elderly or disabled or if you just love boats. The beach is always calm with gentle surf and clear waters.

dog-at-beachNarragansett Town Beach, 77 Boston Neck Road: This is a family-oriented beach that is also dog friendly. It has clean, white, hard-packed sand with clean waters. You can expect crowds pretty much all the time here.

Salty Brine State Beach, 254 Great Island Road: This is also a great beach for kids. Restrooms are available with a snack shack and bar pavilion. It is also accessible to people with disabilities.

Scarborough State Beach, 870 Ocean Road: This beach allows for cookouts. It also offers season passes and daily parking passes.

Famous Landmarks

narragansett-towersNarragansett Towers, Photo Taken on 28 April 2008 by Swampyank  



Indian Head: This is one of Narragansett’s most well known landmarks. It is a large wooden sculpture of a Narragansett Indian head located right next to the playground. It’s also lit up at night.

Narragansett Towers, 35 Ocean Road: Overlooking the town beach, these towers are all that’s left of the Narragansett Pier Casino, which was built between 1883 and 1886 and was the town’s biggest attraction during the turn of the century. Much of the casino was destroyed in fires and hurricanes. Today, it hosts a variety of events and is a very popular venue for weddings.

Pettaquamscutt Cove National Wildlife Refuge: This 200-acre refuge preserves a variety of habitats such as tidal salt marshes, tidal sand flats, grasslands, and shrub lands. It is home to a large diversity of wildlife and has been identified as the most important black duck habitat in Rhode Island. You could access it through the Narrow River by canoe or small boat.

point judith lighthousePoint Judith Lighthouse: This picturesque lighthouse marks the west side of the entrance to Narragansett Bay and is a popular destination among locals and visitors. First built in 1857, the lighthouse still remains an active aid to navigation. The lighthouse and surrounding buildings are closed to the public, but the grounds are open during daylight hours and feature a number of benches and lawns from where visitors can take in the scenery.

South County Museum, Strathmore Street: Established in 1933, the South County Museum highlights the history and culture of southern Rhode Island. Visitors can experience a living history farm and six buildings devoted to blacksmithing, carpentry, printing and textiles.

Golfing in Narragansett


Narragansett Driving Range, 1141 Boston Neck Road: You can bring your own golf clubs here or use the many offered by the driving range. Many people can be practicing their swings and long drives at this small, local driving range.

Point Judith Country Club, 150 Windermere Road: Point Judith Country Club was founded in 1894 and was recognized by the USGA as one of the “First 100 Clubs in America.” It is a private, 18-hole golf course with beautiful, tree-lined fairways and paths made of seashells. It also has multiple tennis courts and expansive practice facilities.

Fun for the Kids


Adventure Land, 112 Point Judith Road: This theme park is in the heart of town and features bumper boats, go-karts, mini-golf, carousel rides and batting cages. Located just minutes from Narragansett Town Beach, this is a popular destination particularly in the summer months. It also features arcade games and snacks.

Gansett Juice, 74 Narragansett Avenue: This is a surf shop that offers everything from apparel and footwear to surfing lessons. You could get lessons from some of New England’s best surfers.

Fisherman’s Memorial State Park, 1011 Point Judith Road: This park features horseshoe pits, tennis courts, basketball courts and other recreational opportunities. It offers a “seaside village” environment, as well as a campground and other facilities.