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If you have been injured due to the fault of another in Newport, RI, our staff of Newport personal injury lawyers and paralegals are here to make sure you get top dollar for your claim.

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If your injury was caused by the fault of another, you might be able to recover from their insurance company for your medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering, as well as other related losses.

The insurance company has one main goal: to make the most profits possible. This means they will try everything they know in order to pay you the lowest amount of money possible. This is where our knowledgeable Newport personal injury lawyers come in. They know how the insurance companies operate and can get you the best compensation for your unique situation.   

There are certain things that need to happen in order to get you the most money for your case:

  • Gather evidence, such as pictures and witness testimony, to show the other person was at fault.
  • Ensure the other person has proper insurance coverage.
  • Get all the treatment and care you need. Also, make sure the doctors document all of your injuries.
  • Note all of your lost earnings that have transpired as a result of your injuries.
  • Retain a skilled Newport personal injury lawyer, who will negotiate a good settlement with the insurance company.

Our attorneys and staff at d’Oliveira & Associates are devoted to getting you an exceptional settlement of your claim. Your peace of mind is of the utmost importance to us. That is why we go out of our way to keep our clients informed and return all of their calls. While we focus on your case, you can focus on recovering.

Newport Hospital

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From humble beginnings, starting out as a 12-bed cottage hospital in 1873, the Newport Hospital has grown and expanded over the decades. Newport Hospital is a member of Lifespan health system along with Miriam Hospital and Rhode Island Hospital. As of 2019 statistics, the hospital has seen over 32,000 Emergency department (ED) visits and over 56,000 outpatient visits. Newport Hospital has 129 beds and 382 affiliated physicians offering services in primary care, surgical services, cancer treatment and women’s health, to name a few.

Murray Judicial Complex

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This court house serves as the central hub for the residents of Newport County and their legal needs. Within this vast complex you can find the county’s family court, district court and superior court. Also, their is a law library that is open to the public. Once called the Newport County Court House, it was renamed in 1990 in honor of Florence K. Murray, making it the first time a courthouse was named in honor of a female jurist in the United States.

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