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Vehicle Accident Report form needed to determine who is at fault and for the MA Car Accident Lawyer handling the caseThere are over 30,000 miles of interstates and highways in Massachusetts (i). Most recent MA Public Safety crash data indicates that more than 136,000 accidents occurred over the course of one year (ii).

If you have been involved in a Massachusetts auto accident, you need to file accident report paperwork with the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles. You should fill out the and mail or deliver one copy to the local police department in the city or town where your accident occurred, a second copy should be mailed to your insurance company, and a third copy should go to the Registry of Motor Vehicles. Once these copies have gone out, individuals should fill out a to obtain a copy of their crash report filed with the Registry of Motor Vehicles. To do so, individuals must print and mail the completed form to the Registry of Motor Vehicles address indicated, regardless of whether the document was completed by hand or on the computer.

What Insurance Coverages Available for Massachusetts Drivers?

There are several types of coverages available to you if you were injured in a car accident and some do not require the other driver to be at fault, as Massachusetts is a no fault state. Learn More.

What Do I Need a Massachusetts Car Accident Lawyer?

There are so many different things our experienced Massachusetts Car Accident lawyers can do to help you get the best settlement of your case. Learn More.

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