Motorcycle Accident in Rhode Island

Injured in a Motorcycle Accident?
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What is My Motorcycle Accident Case Worth?

If the other driver was at fault you can collect for:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost income (if any)
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage to your motorcycle
  • Scarring (if applicable)
  • Among other losses

The pain and suffering aspect of the case is the most difficult as insurance companies try to downplay this part of the case. Typically, a person who has a broken bone or surgery will get more money than someone who has a neck sprain. Also, the time that your doctor indicates that you have had pain is important as the longer you are in pain, the more money the insurance company will give you.

What is the Legal Fee?

Like most personal injury attorneys, we charge a 1/3 of your settlement case, only if you do get a settlement. Remember…”a good lawyer does not cost you more, they get you more”.

How Much Insurance Coverage is Available in RI?

The minimum amount of coverage a vehicle must have in Rhode Island is $25,000/$50,000. This means that a person injured in a motorcycle accident will have at least $25,000 available to them. Also, underinsurance coverage is mandatory as well and the minimum amount of coverage is also $25,000/$50,000. Often there is more coverage than the minimum amounts and our lawyers here can easily find out this for you.

Why Can Motorcycle Cases be More Difficult?

Injured leg of a Rhode Island motorcycle rider after a serious accidentThe simple answer is that it is often not 100% clear as to who is at fault in motorcycle accident cases and the insurance companies often will not make a good offer to settle the case. The main goal of the insurance company is PROFIT and the less they pay you the more money the insurance company makes. The most common thing that insurance company claims adjusters try to do is to try to show that the motorcyclist was, to some degree, at fault in the accident. Often, their insured will tell them that the motorcyclist was at fault and that they did not see the motorcyclist.

Our experienced RI motorcycle accident lawyers can counteract this by immediately doing a thorough investigation of the motorcycle accident. Many things can be done such as reviewing the police report, talking to witnesses and getting them to write up statements, hiring an accident reconstruction expert to go to the scene of the accident and take photos of skid marks, etc. Often we are able to gather concrete evidence to help us prove the motorcycle accident was not your fault.

What if My Motorcycle Had Defects?

Defective motorcycle disk breaks that cause an accident require a RI motorcycle accident lawyerSome examples of motorcycle defects or motorcycle part defects may include:

  • Handlebar defects
  • Tire defects
  • Fuel line defects
  • Wiring defects
  • Brake defects
  • Headlight, taillight, or turning signal defects
  • Among others…

In these instances, injured riders should speak to an experienced RI motorcycle accident lawyer about whether the manufacturer of the bike, the manufacturer of a defective part, or even the garage where the vehicle most recently received service or maintenance, was the cause of the accident.

How to Choose a Good RI Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

RI motorcycle accident lawyer working with young couple injured from motorcycle accidentFirst of all, if you have been injured in a motorcycle accident Rhode Island, it is important to look for an experienced lawyer, who has handled many of these types of cases. All of our lawyers here have been handling motorcycle accident cases for over 16 years, so we know how to deal with the tricks the insurance companies play.

The best way to find a qualified RI motorcycle accident attorney is to get a good referral from family or friends. If you or your circle of friends and family do not know anyone, then doing research online is also a good method.

How Do I Work With My RI Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

The first, and perhaps most important, key to working with your motorcycle accident lawyer is to act as soon as possible. Like much else, as time passes, physical evidence is destroyed or disappears, and witnesses’ memories become distorted and fade.

We will review your medical records with you to make sure your doctors have ordered the appropriate tests, such as an MRI, etc., and that they properly document the severity of all of your injuries.

We will tell you exactly what information to provide so there is no guessing. We also take care of all of the paperwork and deal with your doctors and the insurance company for you. You focus on healing and we will focus on your case.

What Death Benefits Are Available?

Scene of a fatal Rhode Island motorcycle accidentIn cases where motorcycle accidents are fatal, the deceased rider’s survivors may have a valid wrongful death claim if the other driver was at fault. Wrongful death claims may entitle surviving family members to various types of compensation, such as: lost income, medical expenses, burial expenses, pain and suffering, mental anguish and the loss of relationship with the spouse, children, or parents left behind following the rider’s death. An experienced RI motorcycle accident lawyer will be able to advise you of everything you may be entitled to.

To determine the value of future lost income, experts are typically called to calculate the deceased’s would-have-been earning capacity for the rest of their life. Survivors may also be entitled to collect hospital expenses accrued from the time of injury up until the deceased’s passing, damages associated with the deceased’s pain and suffering prior to death, and with loss of consortium, money to cover the emotional costs of losing your loved one.

Why Hire Us?

The answer is simple. We only handle personal injury and disability cases and have settled thousands of personal injury cases over the past 25 years. All of our lawyers here have at least 16 years of experience in handling motorcycle accident cases in both RI and MA. We are committed to getting you the most money we can for your injuries and answering all your questions every step of the way. Customer service is a top priority here as we want you to be ecstatic about our representation of you.