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Attorney D. Robin Gouveia represents the town of Fairhaven, Massachusetts. Attorney Gouveia has been actively worked on personal injury law for over 20 years here at d’Oliveira & Associates, and has abundant familiarity and experience with these matters. Since starting with our firm, Attorney Gouveia has created a reliable status as a trustworthy lawyer in which her clients rely on daily. Attorney Gouveia, with her former work involvement in claims adjusting, knows not only how to get you the settlement you deserve, but how to get it for you quickly.

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fairhaven-ma-personal-injury-auto-accidentAttorney Gouveia has settled many car accident claims in Massachusetts. If you suffer an injury in a car accident, you may be eligible for compensation, which reimburses you your medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering and other losses. We charge the usual 1/3 fee, and will only accept payment if you obtain a settlement or award. It is vital that a reputable lawyer does not cost you more; they should get you more! Learn more.

Injured In a Motorcycle Accident in Fairhaven? We Can Help!

fairhaven-ma-personal-injury-motorcycle-accidentBeing involved in a motorcycle accident case in Fairhaven can be hard for the reason that insurance company claim adjusters are attempting to show that the motorcyclist is liable for the accident that has happened. These cases can be extensive and intricate, which is all the more motive to retain a skilled MA personal injury lawyer to represent you! Learn more.

Injured During a Slip and Fall? Let Our Team Assist!

fairhaven-ma-personal-injury-slip-and-fallSlip and fall cases can be complex because insurance companies will deny or decrease settlement offers made by the injured party. Usually, the cause of a slip and fall accident is an unsafe condition or deficiency on the property. Once more, insurance companies will attempt to establish that the fall victim was liable, for they did not lookout for dangerous conditions, such as frozen walkways or a wet flooring. Our team has successfully settled abundant slip and fall cases, and will not charge a fee without getting you compensation you deserve. Learn more.

Injured From a Dog Bite in Fairhaven? Let’s Work Together!

fairhaven-ma-personal-injury-dog-biteAttorney Gouveia has successfully secured gained settlements for people injured in a dog bite occurrences. Normally, after a dog bite happens on a dog owner’s property, the owner’s homeowner’s insurance coverage compensates those bitten for their medical bills, lost income, pain and distress among additional losses. Our firm will charge the average 1/3 fee only if we get you a deserving settlement or award. Learn more.

Injured While Working? We Will Help Get You Workers’ Compensation!

fairhaven-ma-workers-compensationWorkers’ Compensation was generated to aid employees injured at work gain payments for their losses ensuing from injuries, medical expense and other losses. Compensation is provided through the employer’s insurance company. However, attainment of workers’ compensation benefits are not always as simple as it seems. The rules to gaining workers’ compensation can be challenging to understand and the course of retrieval can be lengthy. We work with some of the most capable and polished workers’ compensation lawyers in Massachusetts. Learn more.

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Things to See and Do in Fairhaven, Massachusetts

Fairhaven is a historical town located in Bristol County, on the south coast of Massachusetts where the Acushnet River flows into Buzzards Bay. Fairhaven has a rich history dating back all the way to the Pilgrims. In fact, Fairhaven militiamen aboard the sloop Success in May of 1775 fought the first naval battle of the American Revolution. The town is dotted with magnificent European-style public buildings.

Visitors can enjoy Fairhaven’s beautiful beaches, several recreational marinas, historic buildings with stunning architecture, free walking tours, playgrounds, parks, unique shops and more than 50 restaurants. The Office of Tourism’s Visitors Center at 141 Main Street is open year round to provide visitors with information about the town and its many offerings. You may also want to visit their website at for more information.

Here are some of the fun places to see and visit in Fairhaven, Massachusetts:


Fort Phoenix State Beach and Reservation, Old Ford Road: The facilities here include tennis and basketball courts, picnic areas, restrooms, outdoor showers, grills and a playground. This has been a popular bathing beach since the 1880s when trolleys brought thousands of beachgoers from New Bedford. To the west of the state beach is the Revolutionary War Era Fort Phoenix (1775), owned by the Town of Fairhaven.

Fort Phoenix State Beach and Reservation

Pope Beach, Manhattan Avenue: This beach is good for swimming and has limited free parking. There is also a small, rather rocky public beach at Priests Cove.

West Island Town Beach, Fir Street: This is a public beach operated by the Town of Fairhaven. Lifeguards offer swimming lessons here. The beach is accessible for walking during the off-season.

Architectural Sites


fairhaven ma town hallFairhaven Town Hall | Photo: 


Town Hall, 40 Center Street: This French Gothic building was built in 1894, financed by Henry H. Rogers as a gift to the town from his first wife, Abbie. The interior features quartered oak paneling, solid brass fixtures and leaded, stained glass windows. The tower houses a four-faced clock. The auditorium on the second floor, restored in the 1990s, has been the site of many town meetings, dances, concerts, plays and theatrical performances. Humorist Mark Twain, a close friend of Rogers, appeared on stage here on February 22, 1894, as the keynote speaker at the building’s dedication ceremony.

Millicent Library, 45 Center Street: Built in 1893, the town’s Italian Renaissance-style library is named for Henry H. Rogers’ daughter, Millicent who died in 1890 at age 17. The library features molded terracotta reliefs, a red slate roof and a large stained glass window by Clayton and Bell of London, depicting Millicent as the Muse of Poetry.

Unitarian Memorial Church, 102 Green Street: Dedicated in October 1904, this English Perpendicular Gothic style cathedral was designed by architect Charles Brigham and built by Henry H. Rogers in memory of his mother Mary E. Rogers. It is built with local granite and Indiana limestone by European artisans including Italian stonecutters and German wood carvers. New York impressionist painter Robert Reid created the stained glass windows. For more information, visit

Historical Sites and Monuments


old stone schoolhouseOld Stone Schoolhouse | Photo from 


Old Stone Schoolhouse, 40 North Street: Built in 1828 in the Oxford Village Neighborhood, this was the town’s first school. The schoolhouse was restored in the 1960s and is open to the public on Saturdays in June, July and August to teach about how New England schools functioned back in the 1800s.

Historical Fort Phoenix, South end of Fort Street: Capt. Benjamin Dillingham and Eleazer Hathaway built the original fort between 1775 and 1777. It was outfitted with eleven cannon, several of which had been captured in the Bahamas by John Paul Jones. The fort was attacked and destroyed when the British raided the harbor on September 5, 1778, landing 4,000 troops in New Bedford. When the fort was rebuilt following that attack, it was named Fort Phoenix after the mythical bird, which rose from its own ashes.

Riverside Cemetery, 274 Main Street: This cemetery was created in 1850 by Warren Delano II, the grandfather of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Two prominent architectural features here are the Delano family tomb, designed by Richard Morris Hunt, and the Rogers mausoleum, designed by Charles Brigham. The cemetery is the final resting place of Capt. William H. Whitfield, Capt. Nathaniel Pope, William F. Nye, artists Lemuel D. Eldred and William Bradford and other well-known figures from throughout Fairhaven’s history. Several guided Riverside Cemetery Walking Tours are given each year between May and October.

Other Attractions

fairhaven farmers market

Fairhaven Farmers Market, 141 Main Street: This market runs Father’s Day through mid-October from 1 to 4 p.m. Sundays. Visitors can buy locally grown produce and locally made products such as seasonal fruit, vegetables, herbs, plants, flowers, honey and soaps. The market also features live entertainment and storytelling. Admission is free.

Free Little Libraries: One unique feature of Fairhaven is its mini libraries where you may take a book and leave a book. No fees or library cards! Some of these are officially registered with and others are independent. Most of these are small kiosks you’ll see outdoors by the sidewalk.

Art on Center, 15 Center Street: The center offers classes and workshops. It also has a gallery displaying members’ art for sale. For more information, visit

Carousel Family Fun Center, 4 David Drown Boulevard: They provide an array of services including roller skating, birthday parties, school trips, food and game arcades.

Unique Shopping Experience

fairhaven shopping

    • Blast from the Past, 315 Main Street: This store features comics, posters, toys, figurines and collectibles. True to its name, the store offers everything from posters of Betty Boop and Marilyn Monroe to Beatles memorabilia.


    • The Sea Witch, 36 Main Street: This whimsical shop offers a variety of gift and novelty items from crystals and garden ornaments to lighting, wall art and jewelry.


  • Periwinkles, 270 Huttleston Avenue: A charming shop with unique gift items.