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If you have been injured at work in Providence, you may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits for your lost wages, medical bills, job retraining and in some cases a lump sum settlement, among other losses. We work with experienced Providence workers’ compensation lawyers that charge no fee until you receive benefits or a settlement. Call us for a free (no obligation) case evaluation or fill out a contact form online.

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Can I Get Weekly Benefits For Lost Wages?

Yes, if you are injured at work and are disabled. You can collect weekly benefits for lost wages, which include temporary total disability, partial disability and permanent total disability. Read More.

Our Best Workers’ Compensation Settlements:

heavy box being carried by a worker$450,000 Settlement: This client was working at a construction site when he fell off scaffolding. He suffered a broken pelvis, broken wrist, broken ribs, dislocated shoulder and cuts on his body, which required extensive medical treatment. Our firm maintained joint responsibility with another worker’s compensation law firm, who lump sum settled the case. Read More.

Can I Get a Lump Sum Settlement?

In some instances, insurance companies will offer you a lump sum settlement instead of paying weekly disability benefits. Read More.

Am I Entitled To Basic Benefits?

Yes. Typical benefits are lost income, payment for medical bills, disfigurement, job retraining and, in some cases, a lump sum settlement. Read More.

What Should I Do Right After I Am Injured At Work In Providence?

work injury claim form used in a Providence workers’ compensation lawsuit

  • Immediately report your injury to your employer.
  • Fill out an injury report.
  • Make an appointment to see a doctor.
  • Call your union representative (if applicable).
  • Ask your employer to notify their insurance company.
  • Call an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer for a free case evaluation. Read More.

Do I Have a Workers’ Compensation Third Party Claim?

Yes, if your injury is due to the fault of someone other than your employer or co-workers, such as a sub-contractor or one of their employees. These cases also compensate your for pain and suffering and are more complex. Read More.

What Are Some Common Providence Workplace Injuries?

Any injury in the course of your employment is compensable. Virtually all injuries are covered, however, there are some that are more common than others. Read More.

Can I Get Vocational Rehabilitation?

vocational rehabilitationVocational rehabilitation is therapy, which allows injured persons with various impairments or health conditions to overcome any obstacles, which are preventing them from returning to work. Read More.

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Providence Workers’ Compensation Lawyer meeting with clientIf you have been injured at work in Providence, contact the Providence workers compensation lawyers located at 390 Broadway, Providence, RI 02909. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries, medical bills, and lost wages, among other losses. We work with experienced workers compensation lawyers that charge no fee unless you obtain benefits or a settlement. For a free (no obligation) case evaluation, call us at 401-831-8600 or toll free at 1-800-992-6878. You may also fill out a contact form on our site.