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If you sustained a personal injury due to someone else’s fault, you are entitled to collect a cash settlement for your medical bills, lost income as well as pain and suffering and mental anguish, among other losses. Contact one of our Providence personal injury lawyers today at 1-401-831-8600 or complete a contact form.

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The office in Providence, RI, also services the towns of North Providence, Johnston, and Cranston, RI. 

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Providence Car Accident Lawyer

The first thing we need to prove is liability, or that it was the other driver’s fault. Then we must show the insurance company that your injuries were a direct result of the accident. Insurance companies are well trained in devaluing car accident cases in Providence. You should hire a Providence personal injury lawyer to make sure you get maximum compensation. We charge a 1/3 fee only if we are successful.  Read more

Motorcycle Accidents

Providence, RI motorcycle accident claims

These are often the most complicated cases for us because in many cases we must hire an accident reconstruction expert to show negligence or fault on the other driver. Insurance companies are notorious for denying these claims. Often the other driver’s version of the accident is quite different from the motorcyclist’s version. An experienced Providence personal injury lawyer can walk you through this complex process.  Read more

Dog Bites

Providence Dog Bite accident claims

In Rhode Island, dog owners are considered negligent if their dog bites someone and they have to pay for many things like bills for medical treatment, scarring, mental anguish and physical pain as well as suffering. Dog owners who own homes have insurance coverage to pay for your injuries and an experienced personal injury lawyer is what you need to get you a great settlement.  Read more

Work Injuries

Providence Workers Compensation Lawyer

RI has a great workers’ compensation statute to pay for a person who is injured in the course of their employment. One need not show that the employer is at fault for the injury. However, an injured worker does not have a lawsuit against their employer and must only collect workers’ compensation benefits. For serious injuries the insurance company will offer a lump sum settlement.   Read more

Slip and Falls

Providence personal injury lawyers that handle your slip and fall claim

Slip and fall cases are also very complicated as normally the property owner’s insurance company will either deny the claim fully or offer less money. They usually argue that the victim was at fault in whole or in part. We hire experts to examine the scene of the slip and fall where you fell to gather evidence to show the owner of the property was negligent. Our Providence personal injury lawyers know how to get you top dollar. Read more

SSD Benefits

Providence, RI personal injury lawyers that handle any denied social security disability claims

If you are disabled and unable to work at any job you are qualified for, then you may be eligible to collect these benefits if you have worked 5 of the past 10 years. We charge 25% of past due benefits only if we win your case. You have nothing to lose if you hire one of our attorneys to help you with your case. Call us 24/7 as it costs nothing to talk to us. We want to help you through this entire process.  Read more

Personal Injury FAQ

Can I sue for pain and suffering?

This is the hardest thing for a lawyer to prove in a car accident case, but one they work tirelessly on. After your treatment is complete, your lawyer will put together a demand letter to the other person’s insurance company stating all you have had to endure. This is where the pain and suffering aspect of your case would be discussed.  

How Much Can I Get for Pain and Suffering Damages?

It depends as each case is unique. It depends on the extent of your injuries and how much these injuries have impacted your life. An experienced car accident lawyer will be able to negotiate with the insurance company and get you the most compensation for your pain and suffering

What Type of Lawyer Deals With Car Accidents?

Car accidents fall under personal injury and you should hire a lawyer who handles car accident cases to represent you as they will be most able to get you the best result.   

How Long Does a Settlement Take?

Once your treatment is complete, your lawyer will send a demand letter on your behalf to the insurance company. At this point, it should not take more than about three (3) months for your lawyer to get an offer to settle from the insurance company. More serious injuries can take longer. This is where the experience of a lawyer comes into play, as they can negotiate with the insurance company for the most compensation possible for your case.  

Other Cases We Handle

We handle many other types of cases. Call us any time at 401-831-8600 or fill out a contact form for a free (no-obligation) case evaluation.